Dave Cloud 1956-2015 ‘Damn Damn Damn Damn’

Dave Cloud 1956-2015 ‘Damn Damn Damn Damn’

Dave Cloud 1956-2015

“The last truly undiscovered lost genius”

“Beafheartian lyricism with sinister charm over grinding riffs”

“He sounds more like a cross between acid-addled Roky Erickson and boozed Beat writer, the late Charles Bukowski, than Steve Earle or Willie Nelson.”

“He could be courtly and coarse, sophisticated and vulgar, elevated and lowbrow. What he could never be was the same damn thing you’d seen a hundred times before — or like everyone else.”

It is with great sadness that we announce the untimely passing of Treasured Nashville Outsider Dave Cloud after a short illness.
Dave might not have invented 60s garage rock by some 20 years, but he totally re-invented it somewhere between Roky Erikson, Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits and The Turtles, rasping and wheezing through some of the looniest most lascivious care-free tunes you’ll ever hum or bellow.  His lyrics were often improvised, one off streams of consciousness, playing off the undoubted talents of his long time backing band The Gospel Of Power, a ragtag group of locals gathered together from members of Lambchop and the Silver Jews.

Dave was working on new album, the eerily titled “Today Is The Day That They Take Me Away” and it was shortly after his diagnosis that he, for the first time in his career, wrote both the words and music to what was planned as the first single, something Dave considered his best work.

“Damn Damn Damn Damn” chimes and reverberates as an unlikely but plaintively perfect pop song with a sassy twist and lip-curling swagger, that early Tom Petty or The Strokes would have been proud of…

“Damn Damn Damn Damn” is available to stream and download for free.  A fitting epitaph to an otherwise ill-fitting musical enigma.

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Dave Cloud 1956-2015 ‘Damn Damn Damn Damn’