Dead Boy City’ by Razorbats.

Dead Boy City’ by Razorbats.

‘Dead Boy City’ by Razorbats


‘Dead Boy City’ has been singled out as the stand-out track from the album ‘II’ by Razorbats (released Feb 16 through Rob Mules Records).
Razorbats is currently on tour in Norway. Razorbats is one of the leading bands in The New Wave of Scando-rock, and received fantastic reviews and radio airplay all over the world when they released their debut album ‘Camp Rock’ in 2015. ‘II’ is mostly written by guitarist Kjetil F. Wevling, who, before he formed Razorbats, had several big hits, and toured the world with thrash-pop legends Surferosa.
The press has had nothing but great things to say about ‘II’:
“Album of the year already? It will, without doubt, be right up there… No question about it.” – Uber Rock (UK)
“This second album shows us that Razorbats are probably one of the best Scandinavian bands at the moment” – Veglam (France)
“Razorbats II is already in February a strong contender for the title “Album of the Year”” – (9,5/10) Neckbreaker (Germany)
“This is a simply great album that I have been playing repeatedly since I got it. If you can’t have fun with Razorbats’ II album, do everyone a favor and don’t go to parties… You’re lame, boring, and would just bring people down.” – (9/10) Glitter 2 Gutter (USA)
“It’s rock cred set to a Scando-cold garage pop soundtrack, taking us back to when post punk and new wave bands innovated rather than copied, and when the tune was everything.” – (9/10) 100% Rock (Australia)
“This is not the kind of music you sit still to. No sir, this is the kind you dance to. So go ahead, dance the night away because tomorrow does not exist. ” – Battle Helm (Sweden)

Listen to ‘Dead Boy City’

Band: Razorbats
Album: II
Release date: Feb 16, 2018
Label: Rob Mules Records
Catalogue number: RMR004
Distribution: Diger and Phonofile
Format: CD and digitally
Razorbats website
Cover art by Eugenia Loli


Prodused and mixed by
Kai Christoffersen at Calmeyer Studios
Mastered by
Chris Sansom at Propeller Mastering
Razorbats are:
Paul Vercouteren
Kjetil F. Wevling
Asle Tangen
Christoffer Haugerud
Knut Wettre
Razorbats Spotify
Razorbats Facebook
Photos by Yngvar Sørensen

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Dead Boy City’ by Razorbats.