Dead Like Wolves – ‘Melancholia’

Dead Like Wolves – ‘Melancholia’

‘Melancholia’ is the first full length release from Newcastle (UK) based alternative rock three piece Dead Like Wolves. Seventeen tracks of noisy rock music influenced by the early grunge music of the nineteen nineties and the new wave movement of the mid-eighties.

I’ll always have a mass of respect for a three piece band as they are immediately at a disadvantage when it comes to experimentation in my eyes but thankfully Dead Like Wolves don’t hold back at all in their musical avenues. Attempt to imagine some sort of mixture between Nirvanas b-side album ‘Incesticide’ and their first album ‘Bleach’.

It’s a rarity that I actually get local music sent through to me that I for one actually enjoy and secondly from a band that I already know and like in itself. After speaking to their front man Roy Brown and asking where they recorded all of the music I got the simple answer of “In my front room”. You can claim to be as punk rock and DIY but nothing is more DIY than recording an entire album in your front room.

‘Melancholia’ is a plethora of guitar driven, moody, angst ridden music that can appeal to any demographic, whether it be a young teenager who is only just getting into rock music, through to the people who’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt. Dead Like Wolves are bucking the current trend that seems to be sweeping the north east music scene and are doing what they want when they want. 7.3/10
Chris Storey


Listen to ‘See You Soon’

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Dead Like Wolves – ‘Melancholia’