Death In Vegas – Backstage At Rockness

Death In Vegas – Backstage At Rockness

As the Electro Rock pioneers Death In Vegas hit the road for several high profile Festival appearances this summer, withguitars managed to get an exclusive interview with band leader Richard Fearless backstage at RockNess, all thanks to Jamie Gambino.

You’re playing quite early this evening is that a blessing or a curse?

“Well it’s a shame because we haven’t played many times in the daytime, at Primavera the other night we were on about 2am. We have quite a light show so it helps if it is dark.”

What can we expect from your set, will it be a greatest hits show?

“Well no, I’m not 100% sure what the set is yet, that’s normally a last minute thing about half an hour before. Unfortunately we haven’t got as much time as we would like, a few of our songs are quite long and when bands play 3 minute songs they can play four tracks to our one!”

Do bands still get into trouble at Festival’s for over running?

“Yeah you do, there has been a couple of times we have had to bargain our way out of a few holes.”

How do you feel about festival organisers going with what is trendy rather than looking after established acts like yourself?

“We’ve certainly had no problem getting offers for festivals, we did a tour last year when the record ( Trans-Love Energies ) came out and pretty much every festival promoter came to one show. We got some amazing slots, at Primavera Festival we came on after The Cure. I really don’t mind though because it does feel like we are a new band at the moment, everyone involved in the band is new it wasn’t a conscious decision it just happened due to logistics. For me it is always about the next record.”

So you’re working on new material, will we hear anything this evening?

“No, there is a couple of things were going to do tonight that we haven’t done for a while. Not really new stuff, the band haven’t played it yet I’m going to work on it some more before I get other people involved.”

You have done a few remixes for the band TOY what appealed to you about their sound?

“I saw them live and really liked them but incidentally they heard that I liked them and asked me to remix their first single which I did. We played at a festival the other day and they came to our show and said it was the best gig they had ever been to which is funny.”

What other bands do you like at the moment?

“A band called Savages are really great, I’d much rather work with somebody in that position where I feel I can bring something to the table. I really want to do more pop, I’ve done a song that I’ve sent to Beyonce.”

Now that would be interesting!

“Yeah I’m just in the process of contacting her management but it’s a killer song and for some reason I can hear Beyonce singing it. I don’t think I’ll do it as Death In Vegas, it will just be a song for her to do.”

You have previously collaborated with Iggy Pop, and Bobby Gillespie are there any other vocalists you would like to feature on Death In Vegas records?

“I really like working with female vocalists, I like the songs I did with Katie Stelman is on ‘Trans-Love Energies’.”

“I’m not really sure though as I find that part of Death In Vegas frustrating, it’s hard from a fans point of view because they go to a concert expecting the vocalist to be there. Sometimes I’ve felt that the vocals have overshadowed the music, so if I work with other people it will probably be in production – I like to keep challenging myself.”

How important are chart positions, do they still matter?

“Yeah massively, our record ( Trans-Love Energies ) hardly sold anything”

Yet it had fantastic reviews from across the board, is that frustrating for you?

“The week the record came out 32’000 people joined our FaceBook yet 32’000 didn’t go out and buy the record. It is a shame because I don’t have a record label so don’t have tour support”


All RockNess Stage and Backstage photos by Phil Hutchinson

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Death In Vegas – Backstage At Rockness