Debbie Downer Shares Debut Single "I Did It All For You"

Debbie Downer Shares Debut Single "I Did It All For You"

Brooklyn’s Debbie Downer Shares Debut Single

I Did It All For You” via The Le Sigh

Playing Northside & Other Brooklyn Shows


Debbie Downer is a new Brooklyn-based band made up of four friends — Jessica Downer, Nicole Downer, Emily Downer, and Jacob Downer — whose luck seems to be consistent with their name (their very first show, scheduled for Friday the 13th, was cancelled.) Regardless, they’ve been playing plenty of hometown shows and just wrapped up their debut EP, You Know You’re Wrong,
Today, the band shares their first recorded material with EP single “I Did It All For You.” The Le Sigh sums the song up perfectly: “The echo-y harmonies give it that ’60s pop softness, while twangy guitar riffs give it that Californian, surf rock edge.” You can stream & share the track via Soundcloud.

Debbie Downer has a handful of local shows coming up, including some for Brooklyn’s
Northside Festival in June. See below for all upcoming dates.
Upcoming Shows:
5/5: Jersey City, NJ – Monty Hall (w/ Supersnake, bigbutt)
5/19: Brooklyn, NY – Sunnyvale (w/ Les Sans Culottes)
5/20: Brooklyn, NY – Starliner (w/ Spritzer, El Dorado)
6/8: Brooklyn, NY – Northside Festival @ Bar Matchless (w/ Grim Streaker, Dead Stars, Milan to Minsk)
6/10: Brooklyn, NY – Northside Festival @ Tender Trap (w/ Friend Roulette, Spirit Plate, Grim Streaker)


You Know You’re Wrong Track Listing:
1. Runaway
2. I Did It All For You
3. Ode To Perv
4. Why Are You So Mad At Me

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Debbie Downer Shares Debut Single "I Did It All For You"