decker. Shares Biting Anti-Trump Anthem "Matchstick Man" with For Folk’s Sake

decker. Shares Biting Anti-Trump Anthem "Matchstick Man" with For Folk’s Sake




“…gives Jack White a run for his money with it’s fevered guitar licks, crashing drums, and bluesy storytelling. It’s a foot-to-the-pedal, full speed ahead kind of track and it’s exhilarating.”  – KEXP

“…dark mystic lyrics and off-kilter attitude with taut musicianship and psychedelic romanticism.”  – No Depression



(June 9, 2017) — Sedona, AZ.,’s decker. will celebrate eight years and six studio albums with the release of Into the Red on August 25 via Royal Potato Family. The southwest troubadour announces the career-spanning retrospective with “Matchstick Man”—one of two brand new tracks on the collection—a fiery, guitar-driven, anti-Trump anthem, which was released today on all streaming services. Listen & share at: Spotify | Soundcloud | Tidal |

On the no-holds-barred performance, Brandon Decker shares, “the unfathomable moment Donald Trump was elected was palpably and significantly unsettling to the masses who are deeply opposed to the racism, sexism, xenophobia and overall ignorance Donald Trump has paraded around America for the last year – as well it should be.”


He adds, “‘Matchstick Man‘ is written to be reminder that we as individuals and a collective have a strength that transcends these man-made constructs and that we must stand strong, resist and take action immediately,” while For Folk’s Sake says the song is the epitome of folk’s duty in a troubling political climate, “acts as a rallying cry for the individual to not lose their individuality, and for the collective not to become an egregious hivemind reflective of so-called leaders but to come together as people, as individuals, to take action against intolerance.”

one of the first to sing early praises of the single and its timeliness, shares “and make no mistake about it, this song is supposed to leave you hot and bothered.” Read their review HERE.
Comprised of tracks dating back to the songwriter’s 2009 debut, the body of work has received critical recognition from outlets including PopMatters, No Depression, MAGNET Magazine, LA Music Blog, YabYum and more. Into The Red offers a bird’s eye view of decker.’s remarkable journey as a fearless artist. The collection further reveals him to be a craftsman of the highest caliber, one who’s carved a bittersweet catalog of heartrending gems out of the unforgiving stone that is a lifetime spent pursuing dreams. It’s a perfect opportunity to dive into the singer-songwriter’s gritty dynamic catalog that KEXP deemed “exhilarating” and that Magnet declared “…“bursts with emotion at every edge.” Inspired by the natural beauty of his adopted Sedona hometown, decker. aptly titles the collection Into The Red, which reveals just how influential his city’s distinctive geology is on his sound, art and creative mindset, but also speaks to what’s been sacrificed for daring to undertake a career as a touring singer-songwriter.
“I’ve invested everything I have into the music,” says decker. “Energetically, emotionally, financially, everything has gone back into my art and growing as an artist.”
In addition to the two new recordings on the album: “Matchstick Man” and the psychedelic re-imagining of Iggy Pop’s  “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” Into The Red also includes a pair of tracks from decker.’s most recent 2016 EP, Snake River Blues, which is also the title of a documentary, directed by Matty Steinkamp, that provides a first hand account of the events leading up and through the release. Capturing everything from the making of the album to a whirlwind tour of the West to a month-long residency in NYC, the film offers up a raw, but captivating perspective on the crests and troughs of an American songwriter’s life.

decker., a relentless performer who’s logged upwards of 200 shows a year, shares a run of confirmed U.S. dates and is poised to announce more soon.

Listen to “Matchstick Man” @ Spotify
Pre-order Into the Red @ Pledge
Into the Red Track Listing
1. Matchstick Man
2. The Holy Ghost
3. I Wanna Be Your Dog
4. Patsy
5. The Phantom
6. Shadow Days
7. Killing Me
8. In the Same Boat
9. Sun, Shine In
10. O.D.B.

decker. Summer 2017 Tour Dates
Jun 16 — Los Angeles, CA — Silverlake Lounge

Jun 24 — Page Springs, AZ — Tilted Earth

Jun 29 — Albuquerque, NM — Marble Brewing

Jun 30 — Pagosa Springs, CO — Wolfe Brewing
Jul 01 — Santa Fe, NM — Meow Wolf

Jul 07 — Tucson, AZ — Hotel Congress

Aug 11 — Flagstaff, AZ — Monte Vista

Aug 12 — Jerome, AZ — Spirit Room

Aug 26 — Phoenix, AZ — Crescent Ballroom

Sept 02 —  Sedona, AZ — Barbara’s Park

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decker. Shares Biting Anti-Trump Anthem "Matchstick Man" with For Folk’s Sake