Denovali Festival Berlin 2015 Line Ups

Denovali Festival Berlin 2015 Line Ups

in the middle of June 2015 we’re heading over to Berlin with Denovali Festival. We’re pleased to present you now the final lineup for DENOVALI FESTIVAL BERLIN 2015 and are very much looking forward to returning to the city for the 3rd time and to continueing the wonderful collaboration with our parterns of the UM:LAUT concert series at the incredible art space Radialsystem V located at Berlin’s Spree river. This year’s edition of our experimental music festival will take place for two days on Sat 13 June + Sun 14 June 2015.

Sticking to the concept of our festivals in London and Essen, we have invited artists from our label: Hidden Orchestra, Ricardo Donoso, Poppy Ackroyd, Floex, Ah! Kosmos and Witxes. Non-label artists will round-off each festival day with a set by Moritz von Oswald & Nils Petter Molvaer on Saturday and Forest Swords on Sunday.

Not limited to one musical genre, the festival offers a diverse range of music styles from darker experimental sounds, ambient, electronica to indie, jazz or piano and string driven modern compositions. As always the sets of the 8 performing artists (4 on Friday + 4 on Saturday) will be as long as a real club show. Both days are seated.

We hope you enjoy the lineup. Please find below detailed info about the line-up, venue and festival history.

The 2015 Berlin edition of the festival will feature eight artists. All concerts are seated.
Saturday 13 June 2015 at€“ Radialsystem V
:: Moritz von Oswald & Nils Petter Molvaer (ger/no)
:: Hidden Orchestra (live remix set, uk)
:: Ricardo Donoso (br)
:: Poppy Ackroyd (uk)
Sunday 14 June 2015 at€“ Radialsystem V
:: Forest Swords (uk)
:: Floex (cz)
:: Ah! Kosmos (tr)
:: Witxes (fr)


::: please consider that the number of tickets for each day is limited to 400 seats.
Entrance fee per day: 30 Euro


In September 2006, RADIALSYSTEM V was opened as a new creative space for the arts in Berlin. Formerly a turn of the century pumping station for the Berlin Wasserwerke (Berlin Water Services), RADIALSYSTEM V – situated in the urban centre of Berlin between Friedrichshain, Mitte and Kreuzberg – currently functions as a cultural centre where new ideas ‘radiate’ out in all directions, attracting artists and the public from within as well as beyond the city limits of Berlin.

UM:LAUT is a live platform for artists and labels availing themselves of various musical traditions, realising ambitious and unique projects regardless of genre boundaries. The series’ focus lies on the experimental range between classical and electronic instrumentation, composition and improvisation, club and concert hall. Considering itself an open stage for cooperations between artists of different disciplines, UM:LAUT aims to present music in dialogue with other art forms – music giving impulses to film, video, photography, installation, dance and

Moritz von Oswald & Nils Petter Molvaer (ger/no)

::: “the German artist’s synth manipulations are paired with Molvaer’s trumpet. Von Oswald’s love of jazz is well-documented—it’s been an underlying influence on much of his work over the past two decades.” (Resident Advisor)
::: listen:

Hidden Orchestra (live remix set, uk)

::: cinematic soundscapes with a big sound; special live remix set
::: listen:

Ricardo Donoso (br)

::: A constant drive of trying to get somewhere, but never really arriving – dynamic crescendos come and go, developing and falling apart again and bringing us back to where we started, the music, constantly evolving and yet going nowhere simultaneously, creating a true sense of timelessness.
::: listen:

Poppy Ackroyd (uk)

::: delicate, intricate and beautifully atmospheric music by manipulating and multi-tracking sounds from violin and piano
::: listen:

Forest Swords (uk)

::: “Barnes’ work is less concerned with trends or scenes than experiences and memories that everyone has had, regardless of what music they’ve listened to before. On that count, Engravings is a broad success.” (Pitchfork)
::: listen:

Floex (cz)

::: exploration of acoustic music (classical minimalism), soundtrack music and contemporary electronica
::: listen:

Ah! Kosmos (tr)

::: spaced-out layers of beats and blissed-out sounds and textures create a sense of slow, echoic wonder that eventually builds to a multi-rhythmic universe of its own
::: listen:

Witxes (fr)

::: roaming, roving and raving were giving birth to melodic spaces fed on colourful sound layers, shimmering textures and residual traces of sonic instants
::: listen:


Since 2007 Denovali Records curates and organizes an international music festival called Denovali Festival. The first editions took place in Essen, Germany – since 2013 Denovali presents similar events in London and Berlin. Focussed on various forms of experimental and adventurous music the lineup offers a wonderful opportunity to discover a wide range of international Denovali artists live and is rounded off by various renowned non-label guest artists. A hallmark of the festival is the renunciation of the headliner principle: all artists are receiving the same attention – the length of each artist’s concert is equal. In addition to the musical program Denovali is setting up a stall offering Vinyl releases from their roster and a fine selection of other label releases, which can be usually found at the Denovali Mailorder.

Past editions of the festival included guest artists like Andy Stott (uk), Anna von Hausswolff (dk), Barn Owl (usa), Ben Frost (au), Biosphere (no), Bohren und der Club Of Gore (ger), Brandt Brauer Frick (ger), Demdike Stare (uk), Fennesz (a), Hauschka (ger), James Holden (uk), Moritz von Oswald Trio (ger), Murcof (mex), Nils Frahm (ger), Oneohtrix Point Never (us), Oval (ger), Pinch (uk), Porter Ricks (ger), Sunn O))) (us), Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra (can), The Haxan Cloak (uk), Tim Hecker (can), Ulrich Schnauss (ger) or William Basinski (usa).

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Denovali Festival Berlin 2015 Line Ups