Der Panther debut ‘Lux’ album + stream new single ‘Gecko’

Der Panther debut ‘Lux’ album + stream new single ‘Gecko’

DER PANTHER debut ‘Lux’ album via Primavera Sound Festival’s label El Segell on 25th May

Der Panther is the latest band to sign to Primavera Sound festival ́s label. Based in Madrid but with an international appeal, the duo is intent on not appearing in person and during their live acts they perform inside a cube onto which they project images. After several records on Evolving Tracks, their own label, “Lux” is their first work on our label.

It is an LP that we think places them in an enviable position on the national scene. Their music moves between electronic and analogical sounds, between pop, psychedelia, dance and world music. The record has been mastered by Alan Douches, known for his work with artists such as Animal Collective, Two Gallants and Mice Parade.

“Gecko” is the first single from the album, a track that fuses experimental pop and electronic music and evokes an atmosphere that moves between Balearic beats and dance music. Imagine Animal Collective produced by James Murphy and you will be close to the spirit of a track that can be played in a club at 3 am or on a Mediterranean island at sunset.

listen to new single ‘Gecko’

But “Lux” is not only an album of singles, it ́s a trip into the world of Der Panther, where electronic textures collide with bass and guitar riffs, and all the music that the duo have been listening for the last few years is apparent in one way or another: psychedelic, ambient, afrobeat, kraut rock, post punk, disco and a myriad of other styles appear on the seven tracks that make “Lux” a one-of-a-kind album.


1. Gecko

2. Viscera

3. LaCab

4. Harpsun

5. Mapo Tofu III 6. Khan

7. Lux

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Der Panther debut ‘Lux’ album + stream new single ‘Gecko’