DEREK & CLIVE – "A Right Pair Of C****: The Complete F****** Derek & Clive" released on July 31st on UMC

DEREK & CLIVE – "A Right Pair Of C****: The Complete F****** Derek & Clive" released on July 31st on UMC

Rude words ahoy!  (sorry its a bit late too) Have a few review copies if needed x

ARTIST: Derek & Clive

TITLE: A Right Pair Of C****: The Complete F****** Derek & Clive

RELEASE DATE: 31st July 2015 on



UPC: 00600753607435

Derek and Clive were fictional comedic characters created by Dudley Moore (Derek) and Peter Cook (Clive) in the 1970s.

Their outrageous performances were captured on the records Derek and Clive: (Live) (1976), Derek and Clive – Come Again (1977), and Derek and Clive – Ad Nauseam (1978). A greatest hits album containing some previously unreleased material, called Rude & Rare The Best of Derek and Clive, was released in 2011.

When Derek and Clive arrived, they were a revelation and pre-dated alternative comedy by several years. Their barrier-shattering range of topics – a veritable cornucopia of obscenity  – was also a comic prelude to the punk revolution that was to come.

Considered highly offensive by many at the time, they even provoked complaints from police forces across England demanding they be banned. The sketches primarily took the form of bizarre, sometimes drunken streams of consciousness led by Cook, with interjections from Moore. Memorable moments from the records include Clive claiming that the worst job he ever had was retrieving lobsters from Jayne Mansfield’s behind and and a horse-racing ‘commentary’ featuring horses named after sexual organs or their vulgarised derivatives.

“To hear two famous comedians abusing each other was unmitigatedly liberating. It felt as if they had enfranchised a whole section of working-class society, giving it a comic voice that had been overlooked by middle-class comedians for years. Pete and Dud were permanent outsiders, looking in at a world they didn’t understand.  Derek and Clive recognised the simple but overlooked fact that ordinary people swear a hell of a lot, but the way that Cook – especially Cook – used language was so casually evocative that he achieved something that surpassed mere obscenity”.  Alexander Games  (author of Pete & Dud: An Illustrated Biography)

To this day they are still highly revered by a huge raft of well-known comedians: Ricky Gervais, Jenny Éclair, David Baddiel and Johnny Vegas to name but a few

Needless to say, this complete Derek and Clive collection contains very strong language…



Disc one

Derek & Clive: Live

  1. The Worst Job I Ever Had
  2. This Bloke Came Up To Me
  3. The Worst Job He Ever Had
  4. Squatter And The Ant
  5. In The Lav
  6. Little Flo
  7. Just One Of Those Songs
  8. Winkie Wanky Woo
  9. Bo Duddley
  10. Blind
  11. Top Rank
  12. Cancer
  13. Jump

Disc two             

Come Again:

  1. You Stupid C***
  2. Coughin’ Contest
  3. Cancer
  4. Non-Stop Dancer / My Mum Song
  5. Joan Crawford
  6. Norman The Carpet
  7. How’s Your Mother
  8. Back Of The Cab
  9. Alfie Noakes
  10. Nurse
  11. In The Cubicles
  12. Ross McPharter
  13. Hello Colin
  14. Having A W***
  15. I Saw This Bloke
  16. Parking Offence
  17. Members Only
  18. Valerie’s Hymen
  19. Mother
  20. Films
  21. Young Dudley Moore Performs “Jump”

Disc three         

Ad Nauseam:

  1. Endangered Species
  2. Horse Racing
  3. T.V.
  4. Bruce Forsyth
  5. Records
  6. Soul Time
  7. Russia
  8. Sir
  9. Celebrity Suicide
  10. Politics
  11. Labels
  12. Street Music
  13. The Horn
  14. Mona
  15. The Critics
  16. Intergalactic Sex
  17. Rape, Death And Paralysis
  18. Lady Vera Fart Teller
  19. I Can’t S***
  20. Sex Manual
  21. Stupid

Disc four

Rude & Rare (pt1)

  1. Bruce Forsyth
  2. Celebrity Suicide
  3. Endangered Species
  4. Horse Racing
  5. Labels
  6. Mona
  7. Records
  8. The Horn
  9. Alfie Noakes
  10. Back Of The Cab
  11. I Saw This Bloke
  12. In The Cubicles
  13. Joan Crawford
  14. Members Only
  15. Non-Stop Dancer / My Mum Song
  16. Norman The Carpet
  17. Nurse


Disc five

Rude & Rare (pt2)

  1. Marriage
  2. Mother In Law
  3. Pete’s Impressions
  4. How Sex Was Invented
  5. Bogey Song
  6. Eight Legged Elephant
  7. Duds Walk
  8. Sex Education
  9. Drumming Session
  10. Punk Song
  11. Stripper
  12. Ballroom
  13. Cough Song
  14. Hamsters
  15. The End
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DEREK & CLIVE – "A Right Pair Of C****: The Complete F****** Derek & Clive" released on July 31st on UMC