Dine Alone Introduces… SEGO

Dine Alone Introduces… SEGO

Dine Alone Records are  excited to announce the signing of LA-based slacker punk duo SEGO! Their 7-track EP Long Long Way From The Fringe will be released September 11, 2015.

Not quite as punchy as Sleaford Mods, but Dine Alone’s latest charge are worthy of more investigation.

The lead track from the forthcoming EP, “The Fringe” has premiered via Indie Shuffle.

Click below to listen to “The Fringe”

“Sego’s new single is an indie dance party waiting to happen. It takes me right back to the early 2000s when LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture reigned supreme, forcing my feet to perform an office-space shake-down.”Indie Shuffle

“A sublime slice of indie pop with the perfect proportion of synths and happy sad melodic tangents”Noisey / VICE

Purchase “The Fringe” on iTunes or stream it via Spotify / Rdio


Sego debuted last year with their wildly inventive EP Wicket Youth via the French taste-maker label Kitsune.

The duo is often compared to Death From Above 1979 or LCD Soundsystem, though the Utah-born members play everything live with a penchant for classic instrumentation, perhaps more reminiscent of Beck’s Mellow Gold era or Pavement. Their stream of consciousness lyrical style often muses on the mundane in life, using word play, witticisms and slacker criticisms of the world they see around them.

Long Long Way From The Fringe was recorded in large part in the band’s Chinatown warehouse space that operates as recording studio, living quarters, underground party space and art studio.

Tour dates will be announced when available. For more information click HERE.


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Dine Alone Introduces… SEGO