Life is Elsewhere to be released August 20 in Canada and US

(July 18, 2013 – Toronto, ON) Dine Alone/Dualtone are proud to announce the addition of Newcastle, UK’s LITTLE COMETS to their expanding rosters. The album titled Life is Elsewhere will be released in Canada and the US on August 20, 2013.  The catchy and critically-acclaimed first single “Jennifer” is currently premiering in Canada at Exclaim! and available below.

Listen to the first single “Jennifer”  below

“The first single from [Life is Elsewhere] is just in time for summer.  The beachy pop tune oozes sun and surf and is also lyrically fantastic.” – PASTE

‘If Jennifer doesn’t get stuck in your head or warrant a second spin then you might not have a pulse.” – I Guess I’m Floating

“Anyone want to blare this song on their next road trip to the Beach? We Do!” – AMPLIFIED

“If any of you are looking to have your summer romance with a “Jennifer” soundtracked by a group that sounds a bit like a Local Natives/Vampire Weekend/Born Ruffians meld, here’s your perfect song…” – You Ain’t No Picasso

Featuring Robert Coles (lead vox/guitar), Michael Coles (lead guitar/vox) and Mathew Hall (bass guitar/vox), Little Comets create music that is lyrically intimate and poignant, yet musically high-spirited and addictive.  An unlikely combination of a Cambridge graduate, particle physicist, and sailor, the band formed when brothers Robert and Michael chanced upon Matthew in a crowded room. Quickly eschewing the established methods of relentless gigging and label baiting, Little Comets chose instead to perform in the furtive surroundings of front rooms, trains, trams and university lecture halls – creating a community of rapt listeners who would return to see the band in more established concert venues.  “People were forced to engage with our music in such a close environment, and it taught us a great deal about the measure of a song – how it could attach itself to a person that stands only an inch away,” says Robert.

The band briefly signed to a major in 2009 and released debut album In Search of Elusive Little Comets in January 2011.  Their big breakthrough came with the release of debut single “One Night In October” which reached #3 on the UK Independent Chart, and received oodles of praise from several popular BBC Radio 1 DJs.  More in the line with the band’s indie-minded philosophy, Dine Alone and Dualtone bring sophomore album Life is Elsewhere to Canada and the US.

Life is Elsewhere features 14 songs that demonstrate the ability of Little Comets to blend vernacular and content – pairing propulsive beats with layered melodies in the vein of a more sedate Talking Heads or less conspicuous Vampire Weekend.  The disc’s buoyant opener, “A Little Opus”, laments the shackles of old institutions in British society, while “Violence Out Tonight” is an unsparing portrait of sexual assault.  Meanwhile the sparkling first single, “Jennifer” is a whimsical description of an uncommunicative relationship, which steadfastly refuses to swerve from a chorus that encapsulates summer in musical form. Then there is perhaps the album’s defining track, “In Blue Music We Trust”, a personal addendum that thematically explores impending fatherhood.

With Michael once again expansively attached to production, and Rich Costey (Franz Ferdinand, Foster The People, fun, Muse, The Shins…) on mixing duties, Life is Elsewhere draws on a deeper musical alphabet than previous work, melding the quiet influence of “incidents, accidents, hints and allegations” with the more sleeve-worthy motions of Fleetwood Mac, Milan Kundera, Jonathan Safran Foer and Tracy Chapman.   Additional info and tour dates will be announced as they become available.

Life is Elsewhere Tracklisting

01. A Little Opus
02. Jennifer
03. Tense / Empty
04. Bayonne
05. Waiting In The Shadows In The Dead Of Night
06. Violence out Tonight
07. The Western Boy
08. Worry
09. Semaphores On The Lawn
10. Woe
11. Woman Woman
12. In Blue Music We Trust
13. Bridge Burn
14. Waiting In The Shadows In The Dead Of Night (Piano)


http://www.littlecomets.com | https://www.facebook.com/littlecomets
www.dinealonerecords.com | http://www.dualtone.com

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