Django Django Backstage @ Summer Sundae

Django Django Backstage @ Summer Sundae

Prior to their electrifying set at Summer Sundae we grabbed a quick chat backstage with the Django Django lads.

What do you make of Summer Sundae, it’s got a different feel to the other festivals hasn’t it?

“Yeah the Hall looks like a private school! Great venue to play a gig in though, were really looking forward to tonight’s show”

Tommy you designed the new T Shirts, do you always get involved in the visual side of the band?

“yeah Dave & I mainly do all the design stuff I guess with us meeting at art college. I did graphic design when I left college so it just seems natural to us, it was always something I wanted to do when I was growing up to design album sleeves”

Is it important for the band to have a strong visual identity?

“Yeah definitely, I don’t know if there’s one continuous thread but we like to get involved”

You all met in Art College at Edinburgh what do you think of the Edinburgh Fringe, has it shaped your creativity in anyway?

“No not really, growing up in Edinburgh you have a love/hate relationship with the Fringe, but now that I live in London I think it’s an amazing thing”

You have just released the new album digitally in the USA how are you perceived over there?

“We don’t know! Were going to go over and tour. We have done a couple of shows in New York and we played at SXSW a while back. They both sold out and the gigs went down well but on the whole I don’t think anyone really knows about us”

You will have to cash in on the new Quentin Tarantino movie ‘Django Unchained’ – by the way how pissed off are you that he has stolen a potential album title from you?

“Ha ha well if he asked us to do the music for it…”

What are the influences on the latest album I don’t get any obvious point of reference?

“well it’s varied, like everybody we listen to loads of music on the internet and everything hasĀ  moved off from being concentrated on one type of music. We were keen to not write one track and then do ten or eleven other songs all the same, it’s not interesting for us to just do that when you’re writing and recording you get new challenges. When it comes to influences it’s lots of things, for example we really like John Carpenter synths”

What can we expect from your set tonight?

“lots of Tommy jumping around, Jims got some new dance moves too! We will cover nearly everything on the album”

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Django Django Backstage @ Summer Sundae