Dntel Unveils Video For ‘Still’ Feat. Baths, New Album ‘Aimlessness’ Released 4th June

Dntel Unveils Video For ‘Still’ Feat. Baths, New Album ‘Aimlessness’ Released 4th June

Electronic legend Dntel – aka Jimmy Tamborello – has unveiled a new video for latest album track ‘Still’ Feat. Baths. ‘Still’ is taken from Dntel’s forthcoming new album ‘Aimlessness’, set for release on the 4th June through Pampa Records. This twelve track warm electronic odyssey also features collaborations with Nite Jewel (on ‘Santa Ana Winds’) and a further cameo from Baths (under his Geotic name for the ‘Jitters’ remix).


Download  another album track ‘Bright Night’: http://soundcloud.com/pamparecords/dntel-bright-night

Watch the spacey video for ‘Still’ here, as premiered by Stereogum last night:


Pop and electronica eye each with mutual curiosity: the latter longs to get stuck in a listener’s head like a pop song, the former longs to incorporate the exuberant sonic richness of electronic sounds. From his home base in Los Angeles, Dntel has transformed this mutual desire into an inexhaustible love affair. The magical, unforgettable melodies and strange, outlandish sounds of his music generate an intimate, unique universe.

From its earliest moments, Aimlessness transports the listener to the middle of the Dntel universe. The opening song, ‘waitingfortherest II’ is Dntel’s foam birth: inexorable electronic sounds breathe life into a body, an emotional world. ‘Jitters’ explores the way childish naivety can evolve into presumption, how helplessness and implacability work together. ‘Still’ featuring Baths, is a pop monument whose haunting vocals are ripped from the noisy electronic sounds like the gusts of a storm.  In ‘Puma’ the inclusion of jubilant strings annuls the austerity of looped Steve-Reich-like chords; in “Santa Ana Winds” Nite Jewel’s voice shines like a glacier in the winter sun. The intrinsically quiet sounds of the album are interrupted by the playful game console bleeps and swinging rock groove of ‘Trudge’.  The album fades away with the graceful ‘Paper Landscape’ in which sublime fanfare sounds sampled from krautrock heroes Popol Vuh are interwoven with playful analog synth beeps.

With the 2001 album ‘Life is Full of Possibilities’, Dntel established himself as one of the most important figures in the glitch scene, which has infused electronic music with new dynamism and complexity. Unforgettable songs like ‘Anywhere Anyone’ won him a loyal fan base. Since then, Dntel has explored many different moods and worlds of emotion in numerous releases. As much as a certain degree of solitude and perhaps even isolation is a condition of his music, he has never been satisfied sitting alone in the blue glow of his laptop. The list of singers with whom he’s collaborated reads like a who’s who of West Coast indie music. As part of the band Figurine, he developed an at times charmingly bewitching, at times absurdly silly electropop sound. Together with Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie, he started The Postal Service, whose song ‘Such Great Heights’ was featured on Rolling Stone’s 100 Best Songs of the past Decade. It caused a small sensation when Nirvana’s former label Sup Pop signed Tamborello as its sole electronic act, but it also took the artist somewhat out of sight of his European fans. Not so for Pampa Records founder DJ Koze, who met Tamborello after playing a gig in Los Angeles. Together, they decided to release Dntel’s fascinating Enya remixes on Pampa, but legal issues intervened and Tamborello released the tracks online instead. But the artists stayed in touch. As Tamborello began recording ‘Aimlessness’, Koze assumed the role of transatlantic counterpart, helping the artist mold the exuberant flow of ideas into tracks and the tracks into an album.

One wonders how this so very otherworldly music fits into one’s idea of L.A. Tamborello’s home base in L.A. is the public radio station dublab, where he produces the weekly Dying Songs broadcast. L.A. to some is not just about endless freeways, perpetually good weather and, lately, mainstream dubstep. From Van Dyke Parks to Pavement, from the Dead Kennedys to Dr. Dre, California pop music has long fascinated listeners with its emotional depth. In much the same way, Dntel pulls us into an improbable maelstrom of beautiful iridescent melodies and never before heard electronic sounds.

waitingfortherest II
My Orphaned Son
Bright Night
Santa Ana Winds
Jitters (Geotic mix)
Doc (Dntel mix)
Paper Landscape

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Dntel Unveils Video For ‘Still’ Feat. Baths, New Album ‘Aimlessness’ Released 4th June