Dominic Angelella Stream New EP ‘Road Movie,’ Out May 4th on Lame-O Records

Dominic Angelella Stream New EP ‘Road Movie,’ Out May 4th on Lame-O Records

Dominic Angelella Streams New EP Road Movie Out May 4th on Lame-O Records

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Philadelphia songwriter Dominic Angelella (fka Dominic) is now streaming his new EP Road Movie in full. The EP is available to stream and purchase early now on Bandcamp. Road Movie is set to be released on May 4th via Lame-O Records. Angelella is a longtime vet of the Philadelphia music scene, with credits as a current touring member of MeWithoutYou and Natalie Prass, a former member of Hop Along and Cold Fronts, and studio credits with Kendrick Lamar, Tinashe, Juicy J, Mac Miller, and Lil B. Angelella released his first record under his given name in 2017 with his debut LP Goodnight, Doggies. He’s following up this year with the EP Road Movie, and has more music to come throughout the year.

Stream Dominic Angelella’s new EP Road Movie in full now.

At the core of all long human relationships there are dark corners. Throughout his career, Dominic Angelella has uncovered such painful discoveries with masterful and subtle execution. More importantly, he does this with an expertly alternative hand at pop songwriting, cherry picking from a vast array of influences not limited to visionaries such as Prince, Harry Nilsson, and Andre 3000.
A longtime resident of Philadelphia, Angelella hails from an invaluable background of attending and playing punk shows in the basements and DIY spaces of the east coast since around middle school-age. Over the years he’s been a member of projects such as Hop Along, Cold Fronts, MewithoutYou, and is currently the co-songwriter of the band Lithuania. He’s also contributed his skills as a session musician to records from Kendrick Lamar, Tinashe, Juicy J, Mac Miller, and Lil B. In the meantime his solo endeavors have taken on several forms and titles, until a decision was made that it was time to perform under his now seasoned given name.
Angelella released ‘Goodnight, Doggies.,’ his debut under the new name, on Lame-O Records in 2017. Now, Dominic follows with a new EP Road Movie, coming out May 4th of 2018. The EP works as a series of vignettes written on the road, a look into the mind of a seasoned touring musician.
Perhaps it is from that original DIY sense of necessity that makes the production and arrangement of Dominic Angelella’s music so shrewdly economic. Only that which needs to be heard is there. Emotions are therefore allowed to be the unabashed lead character of these songs. While they are indeed often sad, they are colorful and fascinating. There is a permeating sense of complicated loss and mundane struggle, which is what makes it a very honest record. Singular notes of a piano play with a sweetness that cannot help but stick with you, overtop a humble and steady beat, with vocals that may remind one of the friendly rasp of Jeff Tweedy. The choice of instrumentation follows the instinct of the narrative, and those instincts confidently lead the album through melodic projections of disappointing familial and disastrous romantic experiences.


1. Photocopy of a Photocopy
2. One Day (I’m Going To Quit)
3. Red State
4. Chicago
5. Temporary Friend
6. Climb To The Garden
7. Rebecca

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Dominic Angelella Stream New EP ‘Road Movie,’ Out May 4th on Lame-O Records