DORO To Kick Off US Mini-Tour TOMORROW! Promo materials available from Earsplit PR

DORO To Kick Off US Mini-Tour TOMORROW! Promo materials available from Earsplit PR


2/27/2016 The Orpheum – Tampa, FL

2/28/2016 The Haven – Winter Park, FL

3/01/2016 Variety Playhouse – Atlanta, GA

3/02/2016 Amos Southend – Charlotte, NC

3/04/2016 Revolution – Amityville, NY

3/05/2016 Rock Fantasy In-Store Meet-And-Greet – Middletown, NY [info]

3/05/2016 The Chance – Poughkeepsie, NY w/ Y&T

3/06/2016 Blackthorn 51 – Elmhurst, NY

Raise Your Fist
Nuclear Blast

DORO PESCH has always been a fighter. A fighter who passionately stands for what she is: pioneer and driving force of Heavy Metal. A fighter who never surrenders when it gets tough, who never hesitates to take the long and stony ways.
When DOROTHEE “DORO” PESCH is born in Duesseldorf, Germany on June 3rd, destiny already holds a whole lot for her. Her dad, being a lorry driver, takes little DORO on his tours, and thus wakes her passion for travelling. To be on the move, to experience new things is a part ofDORO’s life ever since she’s a little girl.
That is until one day with only 16 years she suddenly falls ill. DORO is a typesetter apprentice when the clouds on her sky get darker and darker. No one has an explanation why she’s getting weaker and weaker week after week. Just until doctors in hospital diagnose her pulmonary tuberculosis.

She has to stay in bed for almost a year, experiences highs and lows. She never loses faith though and she promises herself that if she ever gets better, she will dedicate her life to music, her greatest passion.
And DORO does get better – and she keeps her promise. Soon after her recovery she founds her band Warlock, manages to get a record deal and she’s able to return to the life she enjoyed living as a child: life on the road, seeing the world. She plays gigs and tours with legends like Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Scorpions, Megadeth and W.A.S.P., she’s the first woman to play on the Monsters Of Rock Festival and becomes a pioneer of a whole genre. 1988 is the year of her first of several Gold Records of her career. In 1993, an “ECHO”-Award (German music award) as best national artist follows. DORO is also awarded best singer by a major rock magazine in Spain 13 times in a row.

Even in her second home town, in New York City she doesn’t remain unknown. She is voted best artist in several American magazines regularly. Thus, being the first female band leader in that genre, DORObecomes an icon and pioneered for many women coming after her.
Warlock have long become a legend. Their name will be forever in our minds, due to songs like “Für Immer,” “True As Steel,” “All We Are” or “I Rule The Ruins.”
The DORO albums carry on that spirit of Warlock times, only in an outfit of today. Fans cannot only celebrate to the tunes of Warrior Soul(2006) or Fear No Evil (2009), just to name a few, but since November 2010, the long story of DORO is captured on 2DVDs and CD entitled25 Years In Rock. This release epitomizes the spirit, the passion and the music of the metal queen. It is a documentation of DORO’s live excellence and the summit of her musical life so far.
DORO’s 17th studio album Raise Your Fist is out now. Raise Your Fistalbum was recorded and written in the U.S., Germany, and Scandinavia. Musical guests on Raise Your Fist include Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister and Ozzy/Firewind guitarist Gus G. Album artwork has once again been created by British artist and longtime collaborator Geoffrey Gillespie.

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DORO To Kick Off US Mini-Tour TOMORROW! Promo materials available from Earsplit PR