Dream Giant 9 Feb new single announced

Dream Giant 9 Feb new single announced

New album ‘A Different Light’ out now on Paisley Parade Records

– new single ‘New Love’ out 9 February 2018 –

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Dream Giant is the alter ego of London based musician and producer Harry Dean. Dream Giant’s debut album, A Different Light, is a psychedelic assortment of kaleidoscopic pop-hits and will be released on 17th November by Paisley Parade Records.


Listen to single ‘Every Song’ here

Stream remixes of ‘Every Song’ here:


 Harry wrote and produced this record split between his colourful, tumbling down, bedroom in London and hidden in the windowless backroom of a laundrette in Brighton. With a self-taught approach to production and some big ideas, Harry spent two years crafting the album by building richly, textured instrumental layers to support songs that are drawn from a love of classic pop writing. Apart from drums and a little bit of bass, Harry plays everything on the record from lead guitar to melodica, using swirling noises, synths, organic beats and dreamy melodies to produce a unique, lush sounding, alt-pop record.


The album was mixed by the seaside in Brighton by Ben Thackery (My Bloody Valentine /Rachel Zeffira). Although the album was recorded in bedrooms and backrooms it has the sound of a record made in a big studio. You can hear Dream Giant’s love of The Flaming Lips, Beta Band and Beck yet this album manages to be an original sounding record that grows on you with each listen

The album will be preceded by the release of a single, Every Song on 20 October. Every Song is an uplifting single with big choruses and bold boy/girl vocal harmonies. ‘You’re the summer girl, the one we loved and left behind’ goes the bittersweet refrain in this nostalgic song that recalls the idyllic summers of youth, now forever lost. The closely intertwining voices in the final verse are loaded with both yearning and hope: ‘There’s a darkness – no denying, but we’ll try.’ Every Song showcases Harry Dean’s distinctive, psychedelic pop sensibilities as well as his ability to write lyrics which resonate on a relatable emotional level. The female vocal, performed by Cassandra Solon Parry (Moth Rah), is a warm and pleasing addition, integral to the track. Every Song’s infectious melodies, sweeping organ chords, jangling glockenspiel and sunny guitar riffs will leave you wanting more

Prior to making this debut solo record Harry was a member of Bear Driver who played with the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club and Real Estate, went to SXSW, had their music on the soundtracks of Hollywood feature films and US tv shows, and received support from Radio 1 and 6 Music. Following the soul searching that took place after the disintegration of Bear Driver, it wasn’t until Harry had a chance encounter with MGMT after sneaking backstage at Glastonbury that he decided Dream Giant needed to be born. Harry felt that it was time to set out on his own and pursue his unique, colourful, psych-pop vision. He began the process of revisiting several years of phone recorded demos and whittling them down to the tracks that would make up this album.

A Different Light brings themes of true love, spirituality, death and a longing for a distant childhood together. The overall impact of this thoughtful and heart felt exploration of life, love, death and a search for new perspectives, is one of positive affirmation! Lyrics are an important aspect of the Dream Giant sound, with Harry often writing songs inspired by his own weird and illuminating dreams. Tracks such as Tune In, Hello Sunday and Moonfire Mountain showcase the dream-like narratives that are an integral part of this record. By enlisting the vocal talents of Moth Rah (Cassandra Solon Parry) the album benefitted from the addition of rich harmonies, with Moth Rah taking the lead vocal on the T.S. Elliott inspired track about spiritual longing, ‘New Love.’ The complimentary voices of Harry Dean and Cassandra Solon Parry are showcased in the uplifting duet, ‘Every Song’.

Although this is Dream Giant’s debut album, A Different Light sounds confident and assured. It is a colourful, exciting, thoughtful, kaleidoscope of pop melodies beamed straight from Harry Dean’s brain into your ears.

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Dream Giant 9 Feb new single announced