Dream-wave duo Bamboo Smoke share new track ‘Bailiff Love’

Dream-wave duo Bamboo Smoke share new track ‘Bailiff Love’

Rising Dream-wave duo Bamboo Smoke

Reveal new EP ‘Two Human’

Listen to Bailiff Love

“Wonderfully Impressionistic pop music” – Clash


London duo Bamboo Smoke are pleased to announce details of their debut EP ‘Two Human’ due this March and will pre-empt it’s release by revealing a brand new track ‘Bailiff Love’.

Bamboo Smoke are lyricist & vocalist Lou and instrumentalist & producer Tom.

They say: ”Our music conjures hazy soundscapes, smoky undertones and soulful, heartfelt vocals. A chance meeting on a rooftop sparked this collaboration. Armfuls of notebooks littered with lyrics and an archive of meandering instrumentals were brought together. We like things fairly loose and unpolished, imperfections and all. Our debut EP is a collection of songs written blending the playful with the shadows, capturing fragments of dreams”.



“The track was inspired by the exquisite tension of feeling alone whilst beside someone. The thunderous silence of everything unspoken. Hiding fears in the shape of another.”


To The Waves

Can you hold my heart,


Without falling apart?

Written in the remote windy woodland moors under an enlivening supermoon.

“Inspired by an ending which left me full of feeling and riding the wrong train home, To The Waves is a story of empowerment, vulnerability and reconnecting with your inner fire.”


Bailiff Love

The Bailiff Love chorus came to me whilst strolling through a park near Bethnal Green. I recorded it into my phone and sent it over. A man had just yelled at me incoherently for a while. His eyes were so expressive, eyes always tell the truth, when we tune in.




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Dream-wave duo Bamboo Smoke share new track ‘Bailiff Love’