Dredd To Be A HBO Show

Dredd To Be A HBO Show

2000 AD fans have been waiting for – HBO are going to be making a TV series based on the cult comic strip character Judge Dredd. But which one? Note do not believe NBO sources, there just trying to curry even more of a response – something WithGuitars have just fell hook, line and sinker for.

Created by Pat Mills, Carlos Ezquerra and John Wagner,  Judge Dredd is a futuristic Dirty Harry, who motors around the post-Apocalyptic Mega-City One as judge, jury and executioner of the teeming city.

The Studio Exec spoke to a source close to the production.

This is going to be a great show. We have so many stories that we can do and they’re all basically coming from the pages of 2000 AD the cult British comic that started it all. “We saw the movie. We thought it was great. Really exciting and it had a lot of stuff visually that looked interesting. We just thought that it also felt like an episode of a television show. It’s hard to give Judge Dredd one big story. He’s a cop and essentially the show will be a procedural, but one set into he future and with plenty of violence.”

But here’s the worry – …”There was another movie? Wow! That sounds great but no, I cannot believe that it was as good as the Danny Cannon version. What I loved about that film was how brave they were to get Dredd to take his helmet off and develop his warmer side. That was the genius and that’s what we hope to do.”


Judge Dredd will be broadcast in 2017.

Further unto the future yes, but before HBO make a terrible creative mistake (which they won’t) below are trailers for both movies – I know which one fans would pick –

Judge Dredd (1995) Old Classic Movie Trailer (1995)

Dredd 3D Official Trailer #1 (2012)

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Dredd To Be A HBO Show