Drones Club premiere new single, ‘Feel No Pain’

Drones Club premiere new single, ‘Feel No Pain’

Debut EP – ‘Rasa’ – out via PMR Records (impacting 14th October 2016)
Headline live gig at Kamio Friday 23rd September 2016.



“A ferociously captivating offering with wide-eyed synths, cult-like vocal chants, and stomping beats aplenty – with just a smidgen of stylish ’90s techno.” The Line Of Best Fit

“It’s hard to tell whether Drones Club are dreamers, schemers, or a bit of both…let’s just go with it” – Guardian Guide

“Eccentric, but the music is pretty universally appealing…influences that transcend decades”  –Stereogum

A band to put a spanner in the works of personality-devoid drones…something special is afoot” DIY
“Oscillates between uplifting, melodic and haunting like it’s nothing”
“Electronic configurations with political intent…something between a political rally, a religious ceremony, and a mad night out”
The Beat

Drones Club have unveiled new single ‘Feel No Pain’, the second track taken from their debut ‘Rasa’ EP (impacting on 14th October via PMR Records). The unique London collective have also confirmed details of their next London show, which will take place at Kamio in Shoreditch on September 23rd – they recently played a guerrilla gig at London’s Oxford Circus, in which ‘Feel No Pain’ was teased.

With its arresting new video premiering today, Drones Club describe ‘Feel No Pain’ as a reading, a lesson in salvation and dignity through shared suffering. The video depicts a group coming together and marching to a new, nobler world. Where former enemies make monstrous love and donkeys know kindness from their owners.”
Having been warmed up with recent track ‘Shining Path’, Drones Club’s debut EP demands your attention: both sharper in focus and wider in scope, ‘Rasa’ moves from the transcendental house to low-slung machine funk, via meditative Balearic pop. It’s a mark of rapid development for a group who only formed in the spring of 2016, seeking

to reconnect people in a low-attention economy. A typical gig from Drones Club is part-way between a religious ceremony and a political rally. When they played at London’s Corsica Studios, they transformed the venue into their vision of a devotional, revolutionary space, with thick layers of smoke and chopped’n’screwed gospel music filling the air. Before that, they performed in a post-apocalyptic portacabin at the Arcola Theatre, handing out pamphlets during their set. Then there was the time they stormed London Fashion Week, staging a guerrilla gig while decked out in balaclavas and boiler suits (and now, most recently, commuter-packed tube stations).
It’s fair to say that these aren’t the sort of shows that most new bands play – but then again, it’s fair to say that Drones Club aren’t like most new bands. While they are ostensibly a London-based collective who write exquisite electronic configurations, they favour a model that’s collaborative rather than competitive, functioning as a group, an organisation, a beacon of ideas. Think the conceptual hijinks of Bill Drummond, the mock-corporate organisational structures of Devo, or the situationist ideas of ZTT and transplant it onto ultra-contemporary pop song writing and production. Drones Club are building an alternate reality where anything is possible and anyone is welcome.
Drones Club’s radical inclusivity and commitment to the physical, the spiritual, and the experiential is a necessary and positive response to our current attention economy. Put out your hands and join the club.

‘Our stated aim is to reconnect the disconnected.
Rasa is the razor, the instrument of reduction to a blank essential state.
And from the momentary nothing will come everything: light, colour, noise, industry, heat, rest and relaxation.
Sweet reunification of the divided.
And then our work continues.’


London show tickets: dice.fm/event/slacker-presents-drones-club-loyal-23rd-sep-kamio-london-tickets

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Drones Club premiere new single, ‘Feel No Pain’