Efterklang To Present Opera ‘LEAVES’

Efterklang To Present Opera ‘LEAVES’

Efterklang To Debut Opera


July 26th – August 8th

Since their Last Concert, Efterklang have continued to create and collaborate, launching a new band (Liima), a radio station (The Lake), and a festival (By The Lake), but their newest project is perhaps their boldest move yet. This summer the Danish trio will present an opera entitled LEAVES – The Colour of Falling.

Co-composed with renowned fellow Dane Karsten Fundal, LEAVES is a genre-crossing operatic production that will take place underground in a huge Cold War-era bunker beneath Copenhagen’s municipal hospital. Once used as a subterranean emergency hospital but long since abandoned, the audience will be led through the labyrinthine corridors that have been closed to the public for decades.
The eleven songs comprising LEAVES will be performed daily by Efterklang plus eight classically-trained musicians. The five vocalists will be Katinka Fogh Vindelev (soprano, We Like We), Lisbeth Balslev (soprano), Casper Clausen (Efterklang), Nicolai Eisberg (bass, Spillemændende) and Morten Grove Frandsen (countertenor)
Commissioned for the Copenhagen Opera Festival, the gala performance of LEAVES will be on July 26th, with a further 13 shows until August 8th. Each performance will be limited to sixty tickets.

LEAVES is composed by Karsten Fundal and Efterklang.
Directed by Christian Lollike from the theatre Sort/Hvid.
English lyrics by Ursula Andkjær Olsen
Set design by Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz
For more information head to www.sort-hvid.dk/en/project/leaves

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Efterklang To Present Opera ‘LEAVES’