Electric Ray and The Shockers – ‘California Torpedo’

Electric Ray and The Shockers – ‘California Torpedo’

Austria-based rockers Electric Ray and The Shockers harness a heavy rock paved sound blending a mixture of punk, psychedelic, and surf into their debut studio album, entitled, California Torpedo.  Electric Ray and The Shockers deconstruct the unbroken spirit of California in their debut album with the deliberate plan to continue their conversation with the West Coast.

On their first track, “Long Valley Dance,” the rhythmic powerful bassline underlines the psychedelic emphasis rock song.  The balance of fuzzed out guitars and organic garage rock sound creates something noteworthy to rock out to.  The raw rock vibe with its psych twist will get you ingrained into its retro vibrancy.

On the next track, “Trouble,” the charged and enthusiastic sound gives off a rich aesthetic as the granular style guitar emits a lot of soul.  The reverberating guitar solo in the middle of the track resounds with an electric sound.  The high-powered guitar riffs also contribute to the polished posterior of the music.

“Dead” with its multi-generated vocals produces a highly addicting and enjoyable tune.  The solid track brings to you contagious hooks that heighten the effect of distorted guitars and rhythmic drums.

California Torpedo slows down on “Memory Hunter,” an acoustic track with bare arrangements simply made up of acoustic guitar and vocals.  Though sparse, the song resonates strongly with a melodic forefront.  The haunting sound will rouse audiences as they sink into the smooth and relaxing waves of exquisite potential.

The following tracks, “Wake Me” and “Tempt Me” show the insular worldview of what makes a good psychedelic and surf song pop.  With enthused vocals, the emotional and witty lyrics project an insatiable lifestyle for a fun-lovin’ time and gravitating beats.

With a practiced sound, Electric Ray and The Shockers prove themselves to be a well-versed band.  They work with a canopy of rock sounds attuned with to the West Coast spirit.  These are highly amped anthems of the Californian coast.  Electric Ray shows his love for all things California in this well-crafted album.  Though the Golden State is a fixture of this album, the place of production, however, remains his hometown Linz Upper Austria, where the Goon-Studios-Crew has not only taken care of producing his music but also were willingly hired as his band.  Manuel Mitterhuber (guitar), Mario Stadler (bass) and Christoph Stadler (drums) are the remaindering members aka The Shockers.  7.9/10

The album is out now.

My Nguyen

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Electric Ray and The Shockers – ‘California Torpedo’