Elevant – ‘There Is A Tide’ (Out Now via Elevant Music Limited)

Elevant – ‘There Is A Tide’ (Out Now via Elevant Music Limited)

It’s been two years of public glow that has Liverpool three-piece to release their album ‘There Is A Tide’. Recorded and self produced at 3rd Planet Recording Studios in Liverpool, the album was engineered by Kyle Western and mastered by Pete Maher (Jack White, Patti Smith, Scissor Sisters). E£levant deserve praise also, after the first few listens, Michael Edward (guitar / vocals), Tom Shand (drums / piano) and Hannah Lodge (bass / organ) have a tight album, of the many infulences that bear fruit in the band, as widespread and varied as ‘There Is A Tide’, “twisting a pop hook to their post punk, psych and krautrock sound” if you think that sounds a touch contrived, think again with influences that rang from My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, St Vincent, Bauhaus to the love of Tame Impala and The Melvins, it’s not any kind of stretch to think all is organic if not from a burning passion.

A good few will no doubt be familiar with album opener, ‘I’m ‘Only Falling Apart’ which is hard to resist, such is the pull of this functional musical treat, At over 5 minutes, ‘Audience’ touches memories of early Pearl Jam or Soundgarden in darker days, the song creates a similar atmosphere and delivery. For some cock-eyed reason I prefer the ‘Last Man Standing (Reprise)’ to the perfectly worthwhile ‘Last Man Standing’ hate to admit it, but it’s just an emotional thing. Tracks 8 and 9 are titled ‘Again’ are make for a fruitful musical journey. The are many other contenders to consider there are no real fillers or over-egged choices a solid 12-track album.

a modern psych flavoured rock album in ‘There Is A Tide’ with a heavier alt and post-punk leanings, not too be forgotten, Elevant make an efficient argument. 7.9/10

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Elevant – ‘There Is A Tide’ (Out Now via Elevant Music Limited)