Emilyn Brodsky Shares Meat Intensive "Hands Off The Stove" Video with Village Voice

Emilyn Brodsky Shares Meat Intensive "Hands Off The Stove" Video with Village Voice

Emilyn Brodsky Shares “Hands Off The Stove” Video with Village Voice

Emilyn Brodsky’s Digestion Out Now via Dead Stare Records

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Emilyn Brodsky released her latest album Emilyn Brodsky’s Digestion back in October, a record balanced by orchestral pop and cathartic introspection. Today she is excited to share the new music video for “Hands Off The Stove” via Village Voice, the final in a three part series of stop-motion animated clips. Brodsky’s latest video lets “twenty pounds of raw, animated meat hammer home Brodsky’s obsession with musculature, bodily processes, food, and our culture of consumption” with stark simplicity.
Brodsky opened up to Village Voice about some of the influences that led to the record’s diverse themes, speaking about the production of meat, and being judged on actions rather than intentions. Check out the full interview together with the video here.
Village Voice shared:
Though the video reads literally, Digestion is a double-entendre; Brodsky uses the physical conversion of sustenance to energy as a metaphor for processing relationships and experiences throughout her lifetime. “Hands Off the Stove” sees her serenading her inner child, the attention-seeking progeny of a politician and a showgirl. “I refer to this song as the self-help anthem,” she says. “Part of it is learning to trust that your voice matters, and to use it; to write something that can be read as personal, but can also be felt more globally.”
Emilyn Brodsky’s Digestion is out now via Dead Stare Records.



Emilyn Brodsky’s third album was inspired by meat. “Six of the ten songs were written in Montana when I went there to work in a meat processing plant and to decompress after three months on the road. My mother is from Montana, and it’s my favorite place,” said Emilyn. “I have family out there but no friends – it can be pretty isolating, but it’s the best place to reflect and be inspired.”
So it was there in Montana (and in that meat processing plant) that the New York-based artist formed the skeleton for Emilyn Brodsky’s Digestion. In her words, “this album is about processing or, uh, digesting, pain and loss; about exorcising the false narratives we tell ourselves about our histories, and replacing them with truth – be it healing, heartbreaking or, more often than not, both.” The group of songs from Montana was rounded out with two songs from her song-writing archives that she felt were needed to complete the arch of the record. The album also includes two songs she wrote in Mexico while holding her breath in the ocean. Although Digestion was completed in early 2016, Emilyn intentionally waited until fall to release it; because, she says, “the creepy-comfy vibe of the record embodies what’s best about the autumn.”
Emilyn Brodsky’s Digestion brings back many familiar collaborators from her previous albums – Emilyn Brodsky’s Greatest Tits (2008) and Emilyn Brodsky Eats Her Feelings (2014) – including Franz Nicolay (The Hold Steady, The World/Inferno Friendship Society, Guignol), Peter Hess (Balkan Beat Box, The World/Inferno Friendship Society, Songs:Ohia ), and Emily Hope Price (Pearl and the Beard). Equal parts early Thao & The Get Down Stay Down alt-pop and Magnetic Fields theatrics, Digestion can just as comfortably cozy up to the Mountain Goats as it can to The New Pornographers.
Emilyn has performed and/or recorded with TV on the Radio, The Magnetic Fields, The Hold Steady, Kimya Dawson, and Vivian Girls. You may have seen her on tour opening for Against Me!, Laura Stevenson, or Spoonboy. You also may have seen her as herself during Season 3 of HBO’s Girls or on Fusion’s “The Chris Gethard Show.” Emilyn Brodsky’s Digestion is out now on Dead Stare.


“Emilyn Brodsky’s Digestion”
Dead Stare Records
Out Now

1. Sadists
2. Origami Cranes
3. Hands Off The Stove (Video)
4. Get Haunted
5. Yes, Children
6. You Read Me Wrong
7. Mountains & Miners
8. Staircase Wit
9. Who’s A Casanova?!
10. Saving Grace

Official Website
Dead Stare Records

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Emilyn Brodsky Shares Meat Intensive "Hands Off The Stove" Video with Village Voice