Emmure – ‘Eternal Enemies’

Emmure – ‘Eternal Enemies’

Over the past decade Emmure have been making heavy music that is filled with pure hate and aggression. Their new album ‘Eternal Enemies’ is no exception to the rule and delivers the Emmure that we all love and admire.

Emmure are renowned in the hardcore scene for being one of the heaviest acts and causing controversy here and there but besides this Eternal Enemies is a super piece of work and despite it only being April I think it could be one of the best things I’ve heard so far in 2014. As well as songs with some tongue in cheek lyrics and some humorous titles, the entire album is musically sound and has some lyrics that instantly relate with the listener.

With a hefty back catalogue of songs to choose from in a live set the songs from Eternal Enemies may need to be introduced gradually but they are bound to fit perfectly with Emmure’s previously released material, and with several tours on the horizon it looks as if Emmure will have plenty of time to see how these songs work and develop live.

Songs such as ‘We Were Just Kids’ and ‘Rat King’ are bound to become crowd favourites and will make more than a few hardcore kids kick out some shapes and slam dance there way to the stage when they are heard live.

All in all if I had to describe this album with very few words I would say F**KING AWESOME. 9/10

Chris Storey

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Emmure – ‘Eternal Enemies’