Exploding In Sound Records Launch "EIS Tape Club" with Anna Altman

Exploding In Sound Records Launch "EIS Tape Club" with Anna Altman

Exploding In Sound Records Launch “EIS Tape Club” Subscription

New York’s Anna Altman Set to Release “Freightliner” on April 28th

Sharing First Single “The Interview” via Impose Magazine

photo credit: Paloma Arias

Listen to “The Interview

Exploding In Sound Records is thrilled to launch the EIS Tape Club, a year long cassette subscription service. Set to release a new tape every other month, the label was inspired by the incredible amount of amazing new music they wish they could release. “The EIS Tape Club is a celebration of independent music, new artists, and the pursuit of finding your next favorite band.”
Long Island, NY’s Anna Altman are set to release the inaugural cassette in the series, the duo’s full length debut, Freightliner. Due out April 28th, Anna Altman’s Lucia Arias and Christian Billard (both of Turnip King) create gorgeous melodies and tangled minimalist arrangements; simple songs that are filled with atmosphere and Arias’ stunning vocals. There’s a serene beauty in their hypnotic music, built on repeating structures, colorful patterns and radiant lyrics. Reminiscent of Liz Phair, The Breeders, and Bedhead, Anna Altman are creating their own inward escape.
Speaking about lead single “The Interview,” Impose called it, “a beautifully monotonous set of instrumental patterns that serve to bolster the ponderous voice of singer Lucia Arias in a way that is more powerful in its subtlety than its force.” Digging further into the song, they shared:
“It’s for the attentive art audience. Like an Agnes Martin work, the colors blend between Arias’ two-toned picking alternations, almost too perfect to be real. Christian Billard’s easy-riding mechanic percussion harmonizes with the mixture all too seamlessly, a calm and cool and invariable voice of its own. It’s a gorgeous balance, meant to be sat with for a moment, meant to flow over, across and through you.”


04/11 – Brooklyn, NY @ Muchmore’s w/ Soccer Mommy & Francie Cool
04/12 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Pharmacy w/ Early Riser, Anika Pyle & Special Guest
04/21 – Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn w/ J&L Defer & Jackal Onasis
05/16 – Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn w/ Dump Him, Fern Mayo & Snakeskin


Anna Altman
April 28, 2017
Exploding In Sound Records
Join The EIS Tape Club

1. The Interview
2. Catcher
3. Never
4. White Horse
5. American Gothic
6. Memory
7. Season Premiere
8. Freightliner
9. M.C

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Exploding In Sound Records Launch "EIS Tape Club" with Anna Altman