Extra copies of h new THE THE single

Extra copies of h new THE THE single

A big thank you to all who participated in buying the first new THE THE single in 15 years ‘We Can’t Stop What’s Coming’ during last Saturday’s Record Store Day event.
The single sold out in a couple of hours and copies were changing hands on EBay for up to £200 the following day. This goes against the spirit of what was intended but obviously the fault also lies with us for not pressing up enough copies!
We did however hold back a few hundred copies and are now releasing for sale exclusively via www.thethe.com tomorrow
As we’ve had so many e-mails from across the world from members of our audience who felt excluded by the UK nature of RSD we’ve tried to level the ‘time-zone playing field’ by only going live with the product page at 18:00 GMT on Saturday April 29th


In the spirit of fairness we are limiting each customer to a single copy.


As an extra bonus we’re also offering a 20% discount to the check-out price for those also ordering our 51st State tote bag.
Released on Cineola (cat no. Cine 101), Matt Johnson is joined on ‘We Can’t Stop What’s Coming’ by former THE THE members Zeke Manyika (percussion), James Eller (bass) and Johnny Marr (guitar) in order to pay tribute to his late brother Andrew Johnson, aka Andy Dog, who designed many of the bands record sleeves. Meja Kullersten (backing vocals), Chris Whitten (drums) and Iain Berryman (keyboards) complete the line up.


Released as a one-sided 7”, it also features etchings of images taken from the sketch books of Andy Dog on the sleeve and flipside of the disc.
The track is taken from The Inertia Variations, the forthcoming 84-minute documentary film directed by Johanna St Michaels, which forms part of a wider multimedia project inspired by the poem of the same name by British-born, Los Angeles based poet John Tottenham.


We’re also happy to announce the UK premiere of The Inertia Variations at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival in late June / early July.

The festival will also include a rare screening of Infected – The Movie, and Gerard Johnson’s thrillers Tony and Hyena (which both feature THE THE soundtracks) and Gerard will also direct a stage reading of the controversial play This Story Of Yours, which was adapted for the big screen as The Offence starring ex-EIFF patron Sean Connery.

Finally, we have the Radio Cineola / Inertia Variations art installation featuring the Radio Cineola tower.

Event dates and times and how to book tickets will be sent out with our next newsletter. But book early to avoid disappointment!

Be seeing you!

All at www.thethe.com

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Extra copies of h new THE THE single