FADER Premieres "Goodbye Cruel World" from New York’s bottoms

FADER Premieres "Goodbye Cruel World" from New York’s bottoms

FADER Premieres “Goodbye Cruel World” from New York’s bottoms HERE

Debut Goodbye EP out 1/20/15 via Atlas Chair

(12″ vinyl HERE and digital HERE)


bottoms live:

Sat 1/17 – Brooklyn, NY @ Palisades (DFA party w/ US Girls, Slim Twig tix HERE)

Fri 1/23 – Brooklyn, NY @ Secret Project Robot (EP release party w/ JD Samson, Ryan Smith – tix + 12″ vinyl HERE)

New York’s bottoms, the self-proclaimed “two shitty drag queens, a 303 and a drummer”, and “gender-problematizing goth dance band” that grew out of Brooklyn’s DIY spaceSecret Project Robot, will release their debut goodbye ep (12″ vinyl / digitally) on 1/20 via JD Samson (MEN / Le Tigre)’s co-founded Atlas Chair. In honor of the release they’ll have a party on Friday January 23rd; here’s a special entry deal: buy a ticket & a 12″ >> http://bit.ly/1mstrXO

Yesterday, FADER premiered their closing track from the EP HERE: “Musically, the song was inspired by Terry Riley and the Paradise Garage sound. We’re really interested in the dichotomy of upbeat music with a more depressing lyrical theme. It’s like sad music for the club– people dancing to a suicide note. Of course with most of bottoms music, there is always a sense of humor. In this way, the music becomes a fair representation of the three of us as people: simultaneously sad and funny, and complex.”

Last December on World AIDS Day, bottoms revealed their “hiv” track from the debut goodbye EP .“People have spent a long time keeping quiet about HIV,” Dibeler tells Vice. “Conversely, I think it’s really important to scream about it.”
bottomsmethods of combining hilarious and terrifying stage antics along with acid house minimalism creates a joyful yet violent experience. bottoms is Simon Leahy, Michael Prommasit, and Jake Dibeler. As co-founder of the annual Bushwig festival, Leahy spearheaded the new “drag explosion” in the Bushwick nightlife scene. More on Bushwig from Michael Musto for New York Times. Leahy is also the founder of New York City P*rn Film Festival which will take place on Friday 2/27, Saturday 2/28 and Sunday 3/1 at Secret Project Robot. “The NYCPFF is a natural progression in Leahy’s artistic career…He used his art for activism, organizing pride marches and combatting homophobia. He also dabbled in the adult art world.”Mashable

Leahy & Prommasit’s prior band teeth, has toured internationally. Dibeler is a performance artist whose work touches on historical anxieties surrounding HIV and gay suicide, which he uses as the basis of his lyrics. Jake Dibeler has the ep track listing tatoo’ed on his rightleg (note back of vinyl artwork HERE!), see him here in Blouin Art Info.

Praise for bottoms:
“…aggressive punk-minded electro…which tackles complicated gender issues as promised, throttles like a hyper-sexualized Factory Floor fronted by a howling hyena-pixie.”Stereogum
“Dibeler savagely howls over bludgeoning, minimal beats, recalling the iconic roars of Kathleen Hanna…their aggressive punk aesthetics screech through electro-dance filters such as house and techno and creates a sound that the band accurately describes as “gender-problematizing goth dance.” Pitchfork

“Bottoms proving there’s still a place of true weirdos in Taylor Swift’s New York.”Observer

“Count Simon and Michael of TEETH as their rhythm section, and they’re fronted by performance artist Jake Dibeler “whose work touches on historical anxieties surrounding HIV and gay suicide, which he uses as the basis of his lyrics””.Brooklyn Vegan
“So let’s just get right down to it: Bottoms are THE MOST EXCITING THING TO HAPPEN IN MUSIC (live or otherwise) IN A VERY LONG TIME.”Brightest Young Things
bottoms – Goodbye EP – Atlas Chair:
01. die / rot
02. boring
03. gasoline
04. my body
05. hiv
06. goodbye cruel world


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FADER Premieres "Goodbye Cruel World" from New York’s bottoms