FADES – Fades EP

FADES – Fades EP

Hailing from London, FADES is a five piece alternative rock band that will be releasing their self-titled EP in March 11th.  FADES consists of Joshua Woo (vocals, guitar), Alessandro Melchior (guitar, keys), Lucas Mendes (lead guitar), James Dibble (bass), and Keir Adamson (drums).  Formed in 2014, they went by the name as Metasic at first and came together to launch the EP, Falling Into Place, which happened to be largely a solo effort that was led by Josh.

The band later came to the decision that they would like to continue their journey together as a fully-fledged band, since they sounded really good together, had great energy, and there definitely was a good chemistry going between them.  They later spent 2015 on the road, and went on to perform all across the UK.  Garnering many a praise and turn of phrase from audiences and critics alike, this landed them a gig as the supporting act for Nothing But Thieves.  The band went to Italy to record their upcoming EP back in July 2015, and the experience was spotlighted in a short documentary.  Upon returning from their experiences outside the country, the band made further changes to their band’s background history.  They parted with their original band name, and in October 2015 made an official announcement that they were becoming FADES, the name coming in part from a Queens Of The Stone Age song, “In The Fade”.

“Breaking Through The Walls” is an energetic track that is tight with harmonies and a highly melodic flavor.  It is infectious and carries a heightened alternative rock vibe.  “I’ve Been Away Too Long” is a noisy rock diatribe that is upbeat and energetic at the same time.  It is a relatively short track, and there are definitely resemblances to Queen Of The Stone Age’s sound here.  Echoes of the Artic Monkeys could be seen here too as well, and other comparisons that garner observation throughout the EP include Radiohead, QOTSA, Royal Blood and Wolf Alice.

“Before My Eyes” is another rising anthem with a gorgeous spiraling guitar sound.  With giant soundscapes such as this, we also get loud and heavy guitar riffs and a pounding drum beat.  “The Killing Floor” follows the whispery vocals of Joshua Woo.  With a catchier beat, the harmonies and melodies on this are great.  They really have an arresting hold on the listener.

While “Dog On A Leash” is an acids driven piece with a dead-end street dangling as its hook, it upholds at a staggering beat.  Coursing through the track is a great bass line, and the vocals follow through, not giving into the competition of the vocals.  “Everybody Knows”, the last track to the FADES’ self-titled EP, is equipped with a darker sound shadowed by the background vocals that give off the faint sign of reverb.

With a grabbing band name and an unforgettable ability to create great guitar riffs and harmonies that combine elegant melodies with emotional lyrics, FADES will have your attention in an instant.  And with their ability to have your foot tapping and your mind reeling at the same time, FADES’ self-titled EP, which was produced by Massimo Rispoli and FADES, mixed/mastered by Francesco Marzona (Birdland Studios), will be set to be launched at Proud Camden on March 10th 2016.  And with such an energetic vibe and with such fixed comparisons to such music giants like the Artic Monkeys and the Queen of The Stone Age, it looks like FADES won’t be fading out of sight of the music scene anytime soon.  7.7/10

My Nguyen

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FADES – Fades EP