Fallen Asunder

Fallen Asunder

Fallen Asunder is a rock/metal duo from Lancestor, PA, who are bringing to you their, Self-titled, album.  Consisting of childhood friends, Ryan Batturs (vocals and guitar) and Josh Weaver (lead guitar), Fallen Asunder is a musical act that seamlessly incorporates both the rock and metal genres into their sound.

Fallen Asunder immediately launches into a moving array of guitar and weaving vocals in the first track, “The World And Fate”.  Batturs and Weaver commanders a penetrating sound that mimics the outcry of someone in rage.  The rock and metal duo blends tumultuous frenzy with fast spiraling guitar riffs played under speedy duress as the musicians solider on to keep up with the momentum.  The powerful exchange fiercely solidifies the berth of emotional depth that will be sure to interest music fans everywhere.  There is definitely a pull to these songs as they are performed with the musicians’ complete ability.

“Our Ghosts” has an alternative rock sound and mixed in with some punk, this makes for some aggressive rock ‘n’ roll.  The song next pivots into a more uplifting sound, yet still sung with rigor.  This track is not meant for the faint of heart.

“Silent Lies” is gauged with slower and with a more serene and melodic tunes.  The bleeding guitar refrain pulls through with screams coming through into intervals of the track.  With Batturs imperious roars in the background, this can lead to a leveling of psychological taxation.  The screams are in tandem with some melodic overtures and we begin to see a hard and soft side setting.  It begins to become a trial keeping up with the different notches within music.  Yet as Fallen Asunder’s Self-titled album swings from genre to genre, their enthusiastic spirit remain a keyed up effort on their part.

“Free Will” speeds up with Fallen Asunder going full-throttle with their range of overpowering emotions.  The hum of noise drowns out everything as the folds of screams lasts in intervals.  The pressing feature adds in a needling quality that seems to erupt form some suppressed reaction.

“Plight” starts right away and without hesitation on a fast beat.  The band sonically welds their musical instruments with the stirring vocals.  The stamina of these musicians are commendable.  But as listeners strain to decipher between the sweeping landscape of metal from more softer tones of music like progressive and powerhouse, the swinging pendulum sways from these musical nuances, making Self-titled an unpredictable piece of work.

“Upon Your Stars” is a work made out of alternative rock notes.  With a pop quality to this romantic song, the track is filled with rich descriptions and imagery.  Towards mid-song the delivery speeds up with a faster backbeat and in the background the guitar crests to an arousing crescendo.

Toward the last track, “Blinded Eyes”, the overhead music dissipates into a kind of droning that spirals overhead from the interworking’s of guitar playing.

With rock and metal sensibilities garnishing this, for the most part, disparaging sounding record, it oftentimes seem like we are landlocked in this unstable set of songs.  With the designs of the players’ desires in mind, their dream-drenched vision seems inescapable.

For the vast majority of the songs, Fallen Asunder’s album sounds more like a series of anthems than anything.  Each track is sung with an amped spirit, carrying away a punk attitude.  This flood of enthused revelry seems to show that the band is invincible.  And this seems like a deliberate plan on the band’s part to portray themselves like that.  Yet as listeners proceed to delve deeper into the album it seems the changes in mood can lead one to feel disoriented.  Though Fallen Asunder could benefit from a more grounded sound, Self-titled definitely caters itself to a rock crowd who enjoys their rock ‘n’ roll infused with metal influences.  Fans of this demographic will sink into this raw combustion of sonic overload that Self-titled elicits. 7.0

My Nguyen

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Fallen Asunder