Feeder – O2 Academy – Glasgow – 17/11/12

Feeder – O2 Academy – Glasgow – 17/11/12

Following on from the excellent support acts – Kilmarnock indie rockers Fatherson and Liverpool’s Sound of Guns, Feeder come on stage to a much pumped crowd who are just as excited to be part of the first gig of the tour as the band themselves are of playing it – no band expects anything less from the Scottish crowds, especially in Glasgow. The crowd were very varied and ranged from – Older Feeder veterans who have been following the band since first two EP’s “Swim” and “Two Colours” to younger, adolescent fans who may have heard that new Feeder song on the radio and decided to check out the band live.

Grant Nicholas punches the air and proceeds straight into “Oh My”, opening track and a favourite of mine from new record, “Generation Freakshow” It’s surprising when they follow straight after by taking a trip down memory lane with 1999’s “Insomnia” an utter classic alt-rocker which has the academy bouncing from back to front and the fact that the gig is in Glasgow Academy means that there’s more than enough space to jump up and down like a madman at the barrier whereas at the ABC, it’s less able. Playing six songs from the new record, this gave the band a lot of space to fit in a lot of the classics which define the band paved the way to their success such as the anthemic “Feeling A Moment”, “Just the Way I’m Feeling” and of course a crowd favourite, “Buck Rogers” which was surprising at the fact it came so early in the set, the song is usually an essential encore choice! I noticed tears in bass player, Taka Hirose’ eyes as he looked over the academy, seeing his fans jumping up and down and belting the song back to him proving how enjoyable and emotional it is to play the #5 hit twelve years since its release. Taka is one cool guy on stage, having a fan positioned in the corner just to make his hair sway while he is playing along with his very colourful and exotic bass guitars. Many fans had their hands in the air almost as if they were punching the air in excitement at the songs which mean a lot to them. From this, it’s easy to see that Feeder really have a loyal fan base.

I find that the sound is always good in the O2 Academy as there is plenty of space but also not too much space so the sound can easily navigate the venue and sound clear wherever you are, therefore in my opinion, being one of the best venues in Scotland. Feeder was no exception, their sound was very clear and concise and also to a volume level that was bearable as opposed to other much louder shows where earplugs are definitely recommended.

The band ends on title track, “Generation Freakshow” but return for a three-song encore which consisted of new song “Children of the sun” – The band have the music video for the song in the background, Nicholas, calm and collected as ever enters the stage on his own and starts playing the opening chords followed by Hirose and former Robbie Williams drummer, Karl Brazil one by one. The song foreshadows their early 2000’ anthemic tunes, Feeder are clearly still capable of producing songs to the same calibre of what’s already been, which excites me for what is to come. Following on from that is their very early and grungy “Descend” – a song I didn’t recognise at first so had to ask certain fans after the gig and last but not least, “Just a day” came out from nowhere, all it took was for Nicholas to start singing the intro before the whole place started screaming and jumping before the music had even started. Like most great gigs, it felt like the gig had ended before it had hardly started. A gig I went to not expecting much, the band blew me away and it easily serves its place as one of the best gigs of the year. The only downside was not being able to hear my favourite Feeder song “Seven Days in the Sun”, being played however meeting Feeder after the gig made up for this! I had the chance to speak to Grant and Taka for quite a while, speaking to Nicholas in particular about what tuning he uses for songs and coming from a guitar player here, this gave me a real insight into how Feeder songs are really played and I mentioned the exclusion of “Seven Days in the sun” to Taka to which he cheekily grinned and said “Only when it’s sunny!”

Fantastic gig, Fantastic atmosphere, Fantastic crowd, definitely recommended! A gig that will be remembered as one of the best. 9.2/10

Jordan-Lee Johnstone

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Feeder – O2 Academy – Glasgow – 17/11/12