Female art duo, SIMILAR BUT DIFFERENT’S (Handmaid’s Tale) new project set to Mainland’s new track

Female art duo, SIMILAR BUT DIFFERENT’S (Handmaid’s Tale) new project set to Mainland’s new track


(Handmaid’s Tale + Man Repeller)

New Video Project featuring Real Life Couples and scored to

MAINLAND’s new track; “I Found God”

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After a year of living off the grid in Marfa, TX, artist Charlotte Fassler — former visual editor and producer at Man Repeller — is officially partnering with long time creative collaborator Dani Girdwood — protégé of director Reed Morano. Girdwood is coming fresh off of The Handmaid’s Tale and associate producing Morano’s most recent film I Think We’re Alone Now, starring Elle Fanning and Peter Dinklage.

Uniting under the moniker, SIMILAR BUT DIFFERENT, the duo  have shot in London, Paris, Miami, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Min, Jakarta, and Singapore in partnership with their fashion clients. Their fashion film AYAHUASCA, AZ for luxury brand Malone Souliers premiered at London Fashion Week in February to high praise and acclaim. Their recent commercial for TUMI premiered at this years Tribeca Film Festival.

Today, the duo arrive with the visual project, “I Found God,set to the music of 300 Entertainment’s Mainland’s new song of the same name. It’s a stunning visual accompaniment to the anthemic song from that sees 12 real life couples wandering the streets – each frantic to find their other half. The couples are individuals across a spectrum of identities- (of non-binary genders, different ages, races, and walks of life) that remind us that love is love and as the song swells, they begin to find their partners; each staggered reunion a tender celebration of heart-wrenching fulfillment.

Equally influenced by vinyl collections that range from Springsteen to Cold War Kids and the works of poets such as Lou Reed and William S. Burroughs, Mainland finds elegance in simplicity. Throughout their music, shuddering piano and loose guitar augment bare bones pop hooks. It’s a style that’s been carefully refined to perfection over the years and especially so since the boys traded New York City (the place of their meeting) for California (where all three respectively call home).

In many ways, the Golden State always subconsciously called back to them. Mainland first met in NYC, bonding over their shared roots. After independently releasing their Shiner EP in 2014, they landed a deal with 300 Entertainment as one of the label’s marquee rock acts. Following the release of the Outcast EP in 2015, they hit the road with the likes of Melanie Martinez and Jukebox the Ghost.

Along the way, they released fan favorite singles such as “Beggars”, “Outcast”, and “Permission Slip”—which each amass over 1 million Spotify streams each. Between touring, the musicians recorded the songs comprising their 2018 full-length debut led by “I Found God.”

Now, this scene is about to get a lot brighter. The warmth of Mainland’s new music truly feels like home.

“We got some fresh perspective by going back to California,” Topf leaves off. “Being in our new surroundings that were familiar, yet so different really influenced the album. We want to make music that fulfills us on a personal level. These songs are heart-on-your-sleeve. This is the arrival of who we are as a band.”

With the rush of piano chords and uplifting lyrics resound as real-world couples of all races and creeds come together in one another’s embrace on the street of a non-descript American suburb. In this day and age, it’s beautiful in its stark absence of agenda. This is not a statement. This is not a commentary. This is not a judgment. Rather, this is a timeless slice of life and true love communicated through sound and visuals. This is something that never goes out of style. This is the music video for “I Found God”, the 2017 single from California trio Mainland—Jordan Topf [vocals, guitar], Corey Mullee [guitar, keyboards], and Alex Pitta [bass].

Directed by female duo SIMILAR BUT DIFFERENT, this visual introduces the next phase in the career of these three best friends, and it merely hints at the power, passion, and poetry of their songwriting. “‘I Found God’ is about the spiritual connection that arises when you experience real love — an emotion so strong it unifies humans from all walks of life,” explains Topf. “It’s simple. Love is love. The power of love sees no boundaries and it transcends race, sex, and identify.”


find MAINLAND: f a c e b o o k // s o u n d c l o u d // i n s t a g r a m // t w i t t e r

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Female art duo, SIMILAR BUT DIFFERENT’S (Handmaid’s Tale) new project set to Mainland’s new track