FERAL GHOST Share ‘Secret Eyes’ Video

FERAL GHOST Share ‘Secret Eyes’ Video

Release Period: March 2014 Billberg Entertainment Ltd       
Digital / CD     

ALBUM TRACKLIST: 1. A Million Stars 2. Missing You 3. Secret Eyes 4. 5 a.m. 5. We Are Alive (A Gathering Storm) 6. Gabrielle 7. Show Your Love 8. Who Will Save Me Tonight 9. G.L.A. 10. Wednesday’s Child.

A Gathering Storm is the debut album from London based guitar band Feral Ghost and is due to be officially released in April 2014. The writing talent behind the album is lead singer/guitarist Danny Warwick who formed the band in early 2012. The ten melodic and meticulously crafted songs were recorded at Rogue Studios in South London and engineered and mixed by Alessio Garevello. “We produced the album ourselves and tried not to get too influenced by other bands we aspire to as we needed to find our own natural sound. I think the main aim was can we replicate the songs live and will they stand out on radio and I think we’ve managed that.” Mastering was done by renowned engineer Pate Maher who’s worked with many acclaimed bands like U2, The Killers and Snow Patrol.


The first song and video to be released off the album is a track called ‘Secret Eyes’ which has a slightly voyeuristic theme to the lyrics. Danny says “The inspiration here is more to do with how much of our daily life is caught on camera either from hidden cctv cameras or phones. But it’s in the small hours of night that these cameras must capture some of the more sinister and disturbing goings on and it’s the lonely ‘night shift’ feel I was after with this song”.

The band members are varied in both age and nationality and this makes them quite unique. “putting the band together was an organic process and certainly not by design” says Danny. “It was important to join forces with people who’d already put the time in and learnt their craft. I was lucky to get Andrea on lead guitar as he was originally in a another band and toured for a time supporting Stereophonics and Paul is a talented drummer working with many established artists. Before joining Feral Ghost Chloe supported The Blockheads, Ian Dury’s band, and also worked with Mark Morriss from The Bluetones.”

When asked how they got their name Danny says “ha well that’s a remarkable story in itself. About a year after moving into a 1960’s tower block in London I set about writing the album which has a number of heart felt confessional type songs on it. Anyway it was an emotional process and things started to happen when i was writing in a ‘poltergeist’ kind of way, with objects physically moving on their own, sometimes in front of friends and visitors. It wasn’t aggressive so I didn’t really mind until it started turning on the TV, radio and computer on in the middle of the night as that got a bit annoying. A few years later a psychic medium told me I’d been visited by a ‘non resident ghost’ that was attracted to the songs I was writing. Whether that’s true or not I thought it was a nice idea and inspired me to come up with the name Feral Ghost”.

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FERAL GHOST Share ‘Secret Eyes’ Video