Finnish duo Pole Siblings share new single "It Might Grow", the title track from their debut EP

Finnish duo Pole Siblings share new single "It Might Grow", the title track from their debut EP

Pole Siblings – “It Might Grow”

Debut EP It Might Grow due June 16 via Strangers Candy

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“Alluring and immediately enchanting” – GoldFlakePaint

“haunted indie-folk gems that get under your skin” – Clash

“Pole Siblings have crafted a dark and beautiful tribute to their past, honouring its ghosts, while hopefully moving on to something new and wonderful of their own making.” – Ja Ja Ja

“The absolute definition of ethereal, Ghosts would feel at home on any Beach House record, yet also manages to lean slightly further toward anthemic at points, existing entirely within a space of its own” – Crack In The Road


The Finnish sibling duo Pole Siblings, the project of Sofia and Johan Stolpe based in Falun, in the Dalarna region of Sweden, are back with a third single from their upcoming debut EP It Might Grow, in the shape of the EP’s title track. “It Might Grow” arrives after lead single “Ghosts” and “Nog Va He Bra”, sung in the language variation Finland-Swedish, and ahead of the full EP release on June 16.

The EP is released via Swedish indie label Strangers Candy (also home to Many Voices Speak, The Moonlight Love, Francis etc) and was recorded last summer with producer Petter Winnberg (of Swedish indie acts Amason and Little Majorette).


The Finnish brother-sister duo Pole Siblings are making their official debut with It Might Grow EP out June 16th on Strangers Candy. The EP is recorded and produced by Petter Winnberg from Swedish indie giants Amason.

After living apart for nearly 10 years, Johan and Sofia Stolpe came together when both of them found love on the other side of the Baltic Sea and moved to Sweden almost simultaneously. They started a band together as an outlet for processing their mutual history as well as creating a necessary way to stay connected to their homeland. Love came and went, but both of them decided to stay in Sweden and they are now living just a block away from each other in the small town of Falun in the Dalarna region.

After their father passed away in late 2015, Johan and Sofia decided to gather their emotional belongings and create a new chapter of their own. Heavily influenced by the personal setbacks of the last few years – separations from the partners that brought them to Sweden as well as various other facets of life – their music echoes their own personal connection:

“Death is a very humbling experience. You realize you can’t hold on to certain things, cause there’s no one there to help you let go of your regrets, questions or pent up anger. Both f us are relational people, brought up having to find strength, and refuge, in each other. We had a strong need to go through our shared history of emotions and they couldn’t go anywhere else than into songs”, Sofia Stolpe says about the EP.

After supporting Swedish band Amason on tour, the siblings met musician and producer Petter Winnberg and recordings of It Might Grow took place in a community cabin in the village of Gagnef, Sweden in June 2016.

It Might Grow is 15 minutes music, spanning over a lifetime of a family’s most dark and beautiful moments. A collection of songs about making amends with the past as well as celebrating its impact on life paths.

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Finnish duo Pole Siblings share new single "It Might Grow", the title track from their debut EP