Fishbone In The Days Of Everyday Sunshine

Fishbone In The Days Of Everyday Sunshine

WG could not let 2012 go, without featuring the mighty Fishbone, the award winning documentary released earlier this year entitled ‘Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone; it is entertaining, dramatic and insightful, for WithGuitars part, we also resurrect an interview from one of our own dissident fanzine Issue 1, from 1992 when Wear FM’s Andi Bryce interviewed Angelo Moore in fine form. But first a little more around Everyday Sunshine: Story of Fishbone Story’

Everyday Sunshine is a documentary about the band Fishbone, musical pioneers who have been rocking on the margins of pop culture for the past 25 years. From the streets of South Central-Los Angeles and the competitive Hollywood music scene of the 1980′s, the band rose to prominence, only to fall apart when on the verge of “making it.”

Laurence Fishburne narrates Everyday Sunshine, an entertaining cinematic journey into the personal lives of this unique Black rock band, and an untold story of fiercely individual artists in their quest to reclaim their musical legacy while debunking the myths of young Black men from urban America. Highlighting the parallel journeys of a band and their city, Everyday Sunshine explores the personal and cultural forces that gave rise to California’s legendary Black punk sons that continue to defy categories and expectations.

At the heart of Fishbone’s story is lead singer Angelo Moore and bassist Norwood Fisher who show how they keep the band rolling, out of pride, desperation and love for their art. To overcome money woes, family strife, and the strain of being aging Punk rockers on the road, Norwood and Angelo are challenged to re-invent themselves in the face of dysfunction and ghosts from a painful past.

The documentary includes interviews with: Gwen Stefani (No Doubt), Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Ice-T (rapper), Branford Marsalis (saxophonist), Perry Farrell (Jane’s Addiction, Porno For Pyros), Questlove (The Roots), and more.

2012 marks Fishbone’s 25th Anniversary, perfect time to take you back just two decades, as Andi Bryce talks with the LA band lead singer Angelo Moore.

Fishbone took the rest of 1989 off before beginning to write songs for the follow-up to ‘Truth and Soul’. The project was plagued by production delays until November 1990, when the band entered Ocean Way Recording, booking two months of studio time in which to record the album. Fishbone, David Kahne and Dave Jerden produced the album, which includes the singles, ‘Fight the Youth’, ‘Everyday Sunshine’ and ‘Sunless Saturday’. The 1991 album’s title comes from a line in track 3, ‘So Many Millions’, which reads “I cannot get over legitimately, the Reality of My Surroundings do not point to the sky”.

How did the band get together?

“We got together in Junior High School, we were all in some of the same classes. I lived in the valley, the white part of town, the suburbs, everybody else lived in the black community of L.A. We would come to school every day and say ‘Hey man you wanna get together and play funkadelic Bootsy tunes’ and they’d say ‘Yeah man’.So we all went over there and we’d all listen too Bootsy and Rick James. then we would try and copy them, after a while we started  writing our own stuff. There was about thirteen guys coming over to Norwood’s house, it started to get down to seven members, then six.  After a while we all got our instruments. We learned to play our instruments together, me and Walt were in the High School marching band, we took our instruments for the marching band room and then we would bring them back… sorry I’m just trying to get my head working dude, cos I’ve just woken up.”

Who appeared in a film, what was that, how did it come about?

“Appearing on a film; we were in a movie called ‘Tape-heads’ we were this country & western band called “Ranch Bone” and John Cusack wanted us to be in the film, we were one of his favorite bands. What else… ‘Nephenchello’’,  back to the beach, back then we played a song called ‘Sky, Sky, Sky’. The band did some some scores for a couple of movies too. I’m pretty sure there are are some other ones, if I remember, I’ll let you natter on…’

Fishbone are a diverse band, where doo your musical influences come from?

“So many people man, The Specials, Selecter, Funkadelic, James Brown, Led Zepplin, Dead Kennedys, lots of old blues stuff.”

‘Sunless Saturday’

Literally, the band do not pull any punches, did Fishbone start like this or have the band developed in that way?

“When you say ‘pull punches’ do you mean pull strings or punch people in the head?”

More straight forward, more to the point.

“Yeah, more straight to the point, we don’t beat about the bush, if we did we would be leaving out some of the truth about what we have experienced in life. We see it through the music, man, cannot hold any of the punches back, no punches being held, man.”

So how many people make up Fishbone in ‘1992? Who mainly writes the music?

“There are seven people in the band, at first it was six, but later we got J.B. in the band, he played with Miles Davies you know? Played percussion and guitar for Miles. everyone writes lyrics and everyone writes the music.”

So, its all for one?

“It is like a big pot of stew, we just put it all together and it comes out Fishbone. Not that it is that easy!”

Is Fishbone predominately a live Band?

“In some cases we’re a live band. The majority of the time we’re a live band cos if we were bot a live band we would not be able to record. We would be a dead band, be dead , man.”

Why are you over here (UK) Is It for the festival or do you believe in what Greenpeace are about?

“We’re fighting for the rain forests, keep them alive, they clean the atmosphere… Earth Day and all, hell yeah, I am down for it man.Shit, they are killing off lots of the rain forests, there could be some really good plants in that forest that they are cutting down, there could be some really good plants in the forests that they are cutting down, that I could be smoking. I am all for the legalisation of cannabis – that’s what the world needs now, they need a little joint so they can calm down. Everybody needs to fucking calm down man, L.A. needs to smoke a joint cos after the riot, they need to smoke a goddam joint, man!”

Don’t forget when you listen to Fishbone you can learn a lot of things in life and you can learn to dance through life and through stress and strife with a positive mental attitude.

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Fishbone In The Days Of Everyday Sunshine