Five Track Friday, Vol. 1: Spector, Florence, remembering Steve Strange and more

Five Track Friday, Vol. 1: Spector, Florence, remembering Steve Strange and more

Five Track Friday: A musical selection box lovingly prepared and featuring new music, unearthed gems and the occasional retro throwback. It’s a chance to discover something new right on the cusp of the weekend.

This is the first installment of what is to become a regular feature, condensing five attention-worthy tracks into one weekly, digestable exposé.

In edition one there’s new music from Florence + The Machine and Spector, the return of The Go! Team, a dream pop duo sailing undeservedly off core radar (pictured top), and the late new romantic and synthpop pioneer Steve Strange.

Check back for five new songs every Friday, and, if there’s a band that you think simply must be featured, let me know at Happy listening!


Spector – All The Sad Young Men

Sounding eerily like fellow indie Brits Editors at first, and with echoes of Interpol too, “All The Sad Young Men” is actually the excellent latest single from London four-piece Spector.

It’s been some time in the making since their breakthrough album in 2012, but this anthem for the downcast and mournful is worth the wait, revealing a new maturity to their sound and standing out as one of the singles of the year so far.



Florence + The Machine – What Kind Of Man

Freshly revealed as the first single from hotly-anticipated third album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, “What Kind Of Man” indicates the likelihood of yet another big year for Florence + The Machine.

It’s introspective, before swinging hymn-like with the chorus and refrain. But above all else, it’s a huge, soulful new track to place them right back in the psyche of anybody that had dared to forget them. Expect this to be everywhere for months to come.



The Go! Team – Blowtorch

The Go! Team seem to have been around forever, but continue to be the infectious, lively band that they’ve always been, outliving many of their long-faded peers from the height of indie disco.

“Blowtorch” comes from their upcoming album The Scene Between, set for release in March. It doesn’t break new ground, and is very similar to what has come before from the Brighton collective. But it’s fun. Isn’t that what matters most?



The Black Ryder – Let Me Be Your Light

I’ve been listening to The Black Ryder recently thanks in part to Tamaryn, who cited them as a band dear to her heart in a Facebook post last week.

Their new album The Door Behind The Door comes out later this month, and from first impressions it seems to be every bit the psychedelic masterpiece. With haunting melodies and shades of shoegaze in every shadow, the Australian duo ought to be amongst the most loved bands in the dream pop genre.

“Let Me Be Your Light” is an able sample of what to expect from their second full-length, which is released on the 23rd.

Visage – Fade To Grey

Steve Strange passed away yesterday at the age of 55, so it seems fitting to close on his finest achievement, the iconic synthpop hit “Fade To Grey”.

It’s one of my favourite tracks of the 80s, and when the BBC produced Synth Britannia to document the era, Visage were the band playing in reference to the breakthrough of synthpop into the charts.

Rest in peace, Steve.

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Five Track Friday, Vol. 1: Spector, Florence, remembering Steve Strange and more