Flamingods release new interactive video game & music video. Trip through their psychedelic world with ‘Kewali’

Flamingods release new interactive video game & music video. Trip through their psychedelic world with ‘Kewali’

Flamingods invite you to trip through their psychedelic world with the interactive ‘Kewali’ video

*Click for a taster here or to play the interactive game head over to the band’s official website here*

‘Kewali’ EP comes out 26th May on Moshi Moshi

Listen to ‘Kewali’
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Play Rough Trade East on the 30th May
*message me for guestlist for any of the dates below or for review copies of the EP*


All hail Flamingods and their psychedelic music for the soul!i-D
Prepare to be bombarded by bliss… Out of this world music” The Guardian
“One of my favourite things i’ve heard this year” Tom Ravenscroft, BBC 6 Music
One of the most experimental psychedelic bands in existence” Matt Wilkinson, Beats 1
“An explosion of instruments from all over the world and genres that shouldn’t quite go together… Flamingods sound like nothing else right now”. DAZED


Releasing their latest EP through Moshi Moshi Records (Teleman, Slow Club, Anna Meredith), Flamingods new interactive video totally immerses fans in their strange and beautiful world.
More video game than video, the visuals for ‘Kewali’ – the eponymous title track and first single of their new EP – sees the group challenging and redefining the promotional video format. Ostensibly a first-person walking sim in the vein of truly mind-bending contemporary blockbusters like Dear Esther, Gone Home, and The Stanley Parable, Kewali uproots you, the nameless traveller, and places you in the psychedelic landscape around Kewali temple.
As you make your way closer to the temple, soundtracked by the band’s lysergic new single, you encounter a variety of benevolent beings guiding you further in. Inside this surreal virtual wonderland you’ll find gigantic fruit, shimmering shroom-evoking textures, star constellations drawn in light, a friendly kool-aid vendor, and a mysterious express temple tram, all gliding by in a rainbow-coloured dream haze.
Sucking you into Flamingods’ strange and zen-like world in a way that traditional music videos can’t, the Kewali video is another facet of the band’s resplendent artistry. It’s a fitting testament to their peerless approach to music, experimenting with new methods of form and delivery, and widening the horizons of artistic expression in general. It’s a visually arresting world that harmonises with everything Flamingods stand for. Quite literally, it’s a walk through their rich kaleidoscopic imagination.
Director Amy Brown says: “I wanted the music video to be an immersive, exploratory experience to echo Flamingods genre defying approach to music making. Aesthetically, the Kewali music video game is PS2 glitch meets Cool Boarders on shrooms. A lot of Rubicon was consumed in the making of this video.”
Directed by Amy Brown
Game Design by Amy Brown and Ben Chan
Live dates
22 April 2017 READING, Are You Listening? Festival (Oakford Social Club)
28 April 2017 HAY-ON-WYE, Big Love Festival
29 April 2017 LEEDS, Live At Leeds
30 April 2017 MANCHESTER, Sounds From The Other City (Caustic Coastal)
09 May 2017 NORWICH, Norwich Arts Centre
11 May 2017 BRIGHTON, The Haunt
12 May 2017 BRISTOL, The Lantern
13 May 2017 CAMBER SANDS, The Soundcrash Funk & Soul Weekender
16 May 2017 OXFORD, O2 Academy Oxford
24 May 2017 LONDON, Heaven
30 May 2017 LONDON, Rough Trade East
02 June 2017 DÜDINGEN, Bad Bonn Kilbi (Main Stage)
03 June 2017 LONDON, Field Day (Shacklewell Arms Stage)
04 June 2017 CHELTENHAM, Wychwood Festival (Smashing Blouse Stage)
08 June 2017 COLOGNE, Bumann & Sohn
10 June 2017 BERLIN, Torstraßen Festival (Bassy Club)
11 June 2017 HAMBURG, Hafenklang (Goldener Salon)
16 June 2017 TUNBRIDGE WELLS, Joy Festival (Main Stage)
01 July 2017 LARGS, Kelburn Garden Party (The Viewpoint Stage)
07 July 2017 WINCHESTER, Blissfields (Second Stage)
09 July 2017 MACCLESFIELD, Bluedot Festival (Main Stage)
30 July 2017 EAST LULWORTH, Camp Bestival
07 September 2017 EAST LULWORTH, Bestival
16 September 2017 HAWARDEN The Good Life Experience (Caught By The River)

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Art by James Burgess



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Flamingods release new interactive video game & music video. Trip through their psychedelic world with ‘Kewali’