Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance) Interview with Vocal Coach Zuke Smith on Alternative Press!

Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance) Interview with Vocal Coach Zuke Smith on Alternative Press!

Frank Iero Chats With Vocal Coach, Zuke Smith

About Becoming A Lead Singer, Vocal Lessons & Preparing His Voice For His Upcoming Tour on Alternative Press!

Watch Zuke’s Interview With Frank Iero on playing below

West Milford, NJ – August 26, 2014 – New Jersey gem, Deborah “Zuke” Smith, is so much more than a vocal coach. Zuke has combined her singing/songwriting experience, vocal training, knowledge of the music industry, and love of helping others together, creating her refreshingly unique brand of artist mentoring. She works with vocalists across the board, from established entertainers to aspiring industry hopefuls to the recreational chanteuse, helping them hone their craft and determine what they want to do with their developing voice. One such student is former My Chemical Romance rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist, Frank Iero, who just released his debut solo record, Stomachaches, yesterday (August 25th). The two sat down to chat at Zuke’s lakefront home about Frank’s new career as a lead vocalist, how strengthening his singing has enhanced his writing, what he’s doing to prepare his voice for his upcoming tour, and more. Alternative Press has the exclusive video interview, watch it here:


Zuke is an experienced singer and vocal coach based in New Jersey with an impressive history in music. She grew up in a creative environment; her father was a professional accordionist, her mother had a love of words, and her five older siblings all experimented in rock and roll. Music of one sort or another was always playing in her New Milford, New Jersey home; she was raised on everything from polkas to Hendrix and Carole King. Zuke began studying piano at age seven, and taught herself to play guitar at fifteen. It was in high school that she began to take her songwriting more seriously, and found herself drawn towards rock music.

She attended Indiana University, where she met and worked with many wonderful musicians, including her future husband, Kent Smith, who was the trumpet player for The Rolling Stones from 1994-2007. While in Indiana, Zuke sang commercial jingles and worked her way into the Indianapolis music scene. She worked on a variety of musical projects, including a country band, a funk band, and a punk/new wave band that was featured on PBS. However, it was her private lessons with Eileen Farrell, the famous Metropolitan Opera star, who had the greatest influence on her. To this day, Zuke credits Ms. Farrell with teaching her how to balance many different vocal styles in order to sing all different kinds of music equally well – and, most importantly, how to sing from the heart.

Zuke eventually returned to northern New Jersey to be closer to the New York music scene. She produced original jingles for various businesses and worked as a music copyist while continuing to perform as a freelance singer. She worked her way up to become one of the top copyists in New York City, copying Broadway shows, movies and TV productions.

Zuke has never stopped learning. She continued her vocal studies with Mark Baxter (then with the Katie Agresta school) and Marty Lawrence (father of Don Lawrence). She studied music calligraphy privately with the world-renowned copyist, Arnold Arnstein, and music composition with Edgar Grana, both of The Julliard School. In the past several years, she became certified as a vocal coach with Brett Manning (of Singing Success).

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Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance) Interview with Vocal Coach Zuke Smith on Alternative Press!