Free DL: Dirty River- "Dark Summer" + "Ticket"

Free DL: Dirty River- "Dark Summer" + "Ticket"

Some call it lo-fi slacker rock, some call it stoner blues, and we recently came up with a brand new one– “indi(fferent) rock.” All of these ridiculous sub-genres work when trying to describe NY trio Dirty River‘s dusty sound that consists of Forrest Hackenbrock’s drugged, deadpan delivery and his band’s stark rhythms.

The next two streams/free downloads we have for you are “Dark Summer,” with it’s dirty, coiling groove that snakes around doped vocals high off regrets in a relationship gone sour and, “Ticket,” an attempt at self-realization and moving towards a more positive outlook with the rocky relationship. These two songs go together– “Dark Summer” is the break-up dirge while“Ticket” is the post-breakup to make-up ode.

stream/download: Dark Summer

stream/download: Ticket

Here are two singles from last week in case you missed them:

Releaf  below

Hear  F.A.D. (Fuck All Day) via bandcamp

All of these are from Dirty River’s debut S/T album due out April 15th.

Pre-order here

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Free DL: Dirty River- "Dark Summer" + "Ticket"