Frogbelly and Symphony Release Bright Blue Ow Sleep LP – Out 13th April 2015

Frogbelly and Symphony Release Bright Blue Ow Sleep LP – Out 13th April 2015

FROGBELLY AND SYMPHONY (Brooklyn, NY and Sheffield, UK) Album title: Blue Bright Ow Sleep, out Apr 13 (Labelship/Shellshock) Progressive rock echoes through folk landscapes, with urban poetry, pop melodies, repetitive chants and experimental segues. First full length album Blue Bright Ow Sleep on CD, vinyl and digital formats on Labelship Records, available in the UK and Ireland on April 13th. Frogbelly and Symphony are born of the clash and fusion that characterized the late 20th century. Disparate influences from the Old World to New York are brought together in the furnaces of Sheffield and Brooklyn, revealing a stylistic repertoire that injects the indigenous workingman’s soul into the periphery of the bohemian metropolis.

Academically trained in traditional instrument playing and constantly experimenting with production techniques, the band systematically processes every imaginable acoustic influence. Like their debut EP ‘the EYE’ (Labelship, 2013) Blue Bright Ow Sleep was produced by Martin Bisi (Bill Laswell, Sonic Youth, Swans, Dresden Dolls) and tracked in the fabled BC studio in Brooklyn. It was thereafter mixed at the Laundry Rooms Studio in Sheffield. Conceptually, Blue Bright Ow Sleep has been developed while playing 100+ shows in Europe, UK and US since they began performing in 2012. The band was newly-discovered by radio WFUV at the CMJ Marathon in October 2014. Frogbelly’s first official single Patch of Blue premiered recently on their UKNY show. With band members living on both sides of the pond, it has been a challenging yet inspiring journey through a surrealist world of dark and light, blue and bright, war and peace, and truth and lie.

Track Listing:

1. Minderbinder
2. Invite to Eternity
3. Ride off into the Sunset and Disappear
4. Before I Die
5. Patch of Blue
6. Cola in Mongolia
7. Leyla’s Find
8. Shingle
9. Organism
10. Hazyland

07/04/15 London The Good Ship United Kingdom

08/04/15 Manchester The Castle Hotel United Kingdom

09/04/15 Hull Adelphi United Kingdom

10/04/15 Bristol Mother’s Ruin United Kingdom

11/04/15 Sheffield Plug United Kingdom

13/04/15 Dublin Grand Social United Kingdom

14/04/15 Dundalk Spirit Store United Kingdom

15/04/15 Limerick Cobblestone Joe’s United Kingdom

16/04/15 Galway Monroe’s Live United Kingdom

17/04/15 Leeds Chemic Tavern United Kingdom

18/04/15 London The Dublin Castle United Kingdom

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“Ohhh, they’re strange. Strange in a gloriously quirky, curious, hypnotic, mildly disturbing, ethereal and ultimately mind-expanding kind of way.” – Boston Survival Guide

“Beautifully arranged pop melodies, repetitive chants trickle throughout this gorgeously produced, experimental sounding disc.” – Ghettoblaster Magazine

“…like HAIR on chrystal meth” – Music Scan

“Tonight on UKNY at 11, a grab bag of sorts with bands that were at CMJ (Casual Sex, Frogbelly and Symphony)” – WFUV, Fordham, NYC

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Frogbelly and Symphony Release Bright Blue Ow Sleep LP – Out 13th April 2015