Frontier Ruckus announce new album Enter the Kingdom (out 17 Feb via Loose) and reveal video for 27 Dollars

Frontier Ruckus announce new album Enter the Kingdom (out 17 Feb via Loose) and reveal video for 27 Dollars

Frontier Ruckus

Announce new album Enter The Kingdom

Due out via Loose on 17 February 2017

Share new video for “27 Dollars” with Rolling Stone

Watch video for “27 Dollars” here

Frontier Ruckus are excited to announce their new album, Enter The Kingdom, which is due out on 17 February 2017 via Loose. Recorded in Nashville with founding Wilco drummer Ken Coomer, Enter the Kingdom sees the band eloquently mixing their diverse influences of 60s folk rock and 90s power pop into a truly poignant, accessible tonic of sadness and sweetness.
The band has shared a new video for “27 Dollars“, directed by Noah Elliot Morrison and set in the familiar streets (and rooftops) of the band’s hometown of Detroit. It was premiered via Rolling Stone, who said; “With gentle 12-string guitar strumming, rolling banjo and almost bashful vocal harmonies, it’s a light and airy pop throwback about a girl who got a fancy job and left her average-Joe boyfriend behind.”
The track was initially premiered by The Line of Best Fit who said; “If Matthew Milia – the lead singer of the Michigan foursome Frontier Ruckus – never moved to Detroit on that one particularly cold day of winter, the fictional relationship with the mythical Jennifer who “owed him 27 dollars” might have never existed. He would have never sat alone in his room in this empty, echoey flat, searching for ways to escape the “Polar Vortex” of the Michigan winter whilst coming up with the indie-Americana gem that their new track “27 Dollars” is. And what a shame that would have been.”

Songwriter Matthew Milia explains more about the song and video:
“While I was writing the songs for Enter the Kingdom, a lot of the subject matter was rather heavy. ‘27 Dollars’ was sort of an escapist reaction against that, allowing myself to indulge in classic power pop tricks that are designed to make the listener feel good. But like a great Big Star song, it’s really about an underlying unfulfilled longing that the pop sensibilities hopefully complement and magnify. When we recorded it with Ken Coomer in Nashville, he was thankfully all about highlighting the catchier elements and making it a moment of pop gratification on the album—handclaps, tambourine, vocal rounds. Shooting the video in Detroit felt right because we returned to the specific landmarks where I had paced around nervously in the first place, like the character in the song—wishing for things he’ll never have but feeling very alive due to the desire.”


Frontier Ruckus is comprised of Matthew Milia (vocals and guitar) and David Jones (banjo), Zachary Nichols (brass, musical saw, melodica) and Anna Burch (vocals and bass guitar). Enter the Kingdom is their 5th and most lush record to date, serves as an almost desperate invitation into the band’s most recurrent setting: the suburban American household. It is immediately apparent, however, that the emphasis this time is not so much on idyllic nostalgia but the very real and present tense disintegration of a personal kingdom once thought permanent. Songwriter Matthew Milia has explained the album as a rather literal depiction of his father losing his job and relying on disability cheques to retain a tenuous grasp on his childhood home. The specificity with which this is conveyed to the listener is harrowing at times, though never in full abandonment of a dark and balancing sense of humour.

Enter the Kingdom sounds like an invitation. We are thrust into stained living rooms where dads search for work on Craigslist, carports prowled by drunken ex-spouses returning with dubious motives, megachurch rec rooms marked by lust and disrepair. It’s a call to enter back into their world, through the bedroom window of Matthew’s cluttered ranch-style childhood home – featured on the cover.


Full tracklisting and album art are below. For more information on the album, pre-order and tour dates visit


Enter The Kingdom Tracklisting

1. Visit Me

2. Gerunds

3. 27 Dollars

4. Our Flowers Are Still Burning

5. Positively Freaking

6. Sarah Springtime

7. Since Milford

8. Gauche

9. Nothing is Working

10. If You Can

11. Enter the Kingdom


“As a band formed amid the urban decay of Detroit, Frontier Ruckus have always included a bit of world-weary dreariness in their music. But with their upcoming fifth album, there’s one distinct flash of levity.” Rolling Stone

“This very fine album carries much of Okkervil River or The Decemberists in its piquant narratives, though the banjo-led music is more akin to the erudite hillbilly-folk of Jim White or even The Be Good Tanyas.” Uncut

“The Detroit quartet always aspires to something deeper, more toward a sense-stretching dissertation, with profoundly intimate explorations of nasty memories and nice nostalgia, with lyrics as dense as a Faulkner novel and intricate arrangements that transform the typical Americana twang and faded pastoral preconceptions of folk/pop into something surreal and yet familiar… This may bend the ears of Neutral Milk Hotel fans…” Paste

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Frontier Ruckus announce new album Enter the Kingdom (out 17 Feb via Loose) and reveal video for 27 Dollars