Garbage Folk" Collective Holy Sheboygan Share "Hecate" via Impose Magazine

Garbage Folk" Collective Holy Sheboygan Share "Hecate" via Impose Magazine

Announce Amos Pitsch (Tenement) Produced “Four” LP

Wisconsin’s Holy Sheboygan Announce New Album Four
Featuring Members of Dusk and Production from Tenement’s Amos Pitsch
Share “Hecate” via Impose Magazine

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Listen to “Hecate“#

Holy Sheboygan are excited to announce the upcoming release of their new album Four together with the premiere of new single “Hecate”. Due out March 3rd, 2017, Four is the latest installment in a series of experimental folk records, a collaborative artistic vision that is built on traditional songs and a freedom to explore. The band’s self described “garbage folk” puts a whole new spin on eclecticism, offering a unique world of art rock and Americana that veers into droning passages, rhythmic onslaughts, orchestral pop, and the fringes of punk. On lead single “Hecate,” the band’s dynamic is immediately apparent, as the song opens with jangly pop-inspired folk and dark Americana sound before slowly evolving into a massive wall of sound with stampeding drums and gang vocals that swell with a ramshackle beauty. Just when the song feels impossible colossal, the band peel back into their haunting folk. It’s utterly gorgeous and undeniably refreshing.
Impose shared, “Beautifully composed folk music serves as the thread which weaves through the quirky vocals, as they sing of being seekers who happen upon what sounds to be the Ancient Greek goddess Hecate … The eventual percussion breakdown is all-encompassing, and we’re ensnared by the sound.”
Speaking about “Hecate,” the band said, “This song was inspired by the overwhelming darkness that surrounded us at night on the farm and become a kind of invocation to Darkness, personified here by the goddess Hecate and her many names.”
Four was written while the band were living and working at The Wormfarm Institute organic farm in Reedsburg, WI and produced by Tenament’s Amos Pitsch. The whole objective of the record was for Holy Sheboygan to draw inspiration from their routine on the farm, and the land around them, and write whatever they felt like based on that. So, while the songs sound quite different from one another, the source of inspiration and “thematic material” between them was shared.


March 3, 2017

1. Can You Feel It?
2. Sleep
3. Could’ve Been
4. Pace
5. Oh Heavy
6. Born Of Man
7. Hecate


Holy Sheboygan may be the most collaborative band you’ve ever heard. All of their decisions, however creative or mundane, are made unanimously. They put their heads together and draw on a wide array of influences from artists like Califone to Harry Parch, to Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. They create tape noise from found sounds, whether recorded near home or stumbled upon at a thrift store. They bring together a hoard of musical instruments, they collected their percussion from the abundant dumpsters of Wisconsin, they sing in and out of unison or with lush harmonies, and they’ve crafted a sound that is entirely their own.
Speaking about the band, mixing engineer Mike Noyce (Bon Iver, The Tallest Man on Earth), who worked with them on Four, shared:
“Holy Sheboygan​​ manages what would appear impossible by straddling a host of seemingly disparate worlds. They are an experimental art collective. They are an indie rock band. They are all highly capable songwriters and gifted players. They are the most collaborative band I’ve met. Music is rarely so visceral, so raw. I’ve honestly never heard one album successfully manage such a wide array of styles. Holy Sheboygan have the most wonderful disregard for the invisible rules that seem to define modern music, and I love them for it.”

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Garbage Folk" Collective Holy Sheboygan Share "Hecate" via Impose Magazine