Get Lost in Kristeen Young’s "Catland" — Video Debuts via Bullett Media

Get Lost in Kristeen Young’s "Catland" — Video Debuts via Bullett Media


Debuts “Catland” Video via Bullett

Live at the Witch’s Tit out 9/29

+ NYC Album Release Show 9/23 (RSVP Here)

“…a hard rock opus, part Iggy Pop, part Siouxsie Sioux.”Bullett

“Sharp, confrontational art-rock shares its aggressive soulfulness with Peaches and PJ Harvey”

– The New York Times

“Everything about this singer is new. Her presentation is as striking as having a safe dropped on your head from a 10th floor window. She belongs to no other time or fad.” – Morrissey

“If T. Rex and Heart got together in 2050”NYLON


Dynamic art-rocker Kristeen Young is debuting another video for her new single “Catland” today via Bullett Media. “Catland” will be the fourth preview of her highly anticipated eighth studio album Live at the Witch’s Tit, co-produced by Young herself and Tony Visconti. The video, shot by Brian McClelland, follows an Alice in Wonderland-esque adventure through a bedroom portal to a darkly whimsical fantasy land that leads our protagonist to experience the strength to summon her own individualism.

Dalila Queiroz White, daughter of KRISTEENYOUNG band drummer Baby Jef, not only stars as the main character in the video, but also as the inspiration for the song itself. Kristeen elaborates, “Catland is a fantasy place where our drummer’s daughter goes when someone is trying to tell her she is doing something the wrong way. She’ll defiantly say, ‘But, that’s how we do it in Catland! Ok?!’…She often seems world-weary already at 5 years of age. I like that she’s created a fantasy world that gives her strength to say ‘no’”.
Dalila offers her own explanation, saying, “Catland is a cute and peaceful place. I mean it used to [be]. Invaders from all over the galixi [sic] are trying to keep its treasures and beauty to themselves. Who will protect Catland?!”

Originally from St. Louis, MO, Kristeen Young is a New York City based singer, keyboardist, and songwriter. Young and her band, simply titled KRISTEENYOUNG, have been described as prog/punk, zeppelin-heavy, avant garde, piano-bash rock. With such a broad spectrum of genres and diverse influences such as R&B, riot grrl, and opera, it is safe to say that Kristeen Young is an artist impossible to pin down. Perhaps best known as longtime openers for Morrissey, Kristeen and the band have also worked and recorded with David Bowie, Dave Grohl, and many more. Live at the Witch’s Tit, co-produced by Young and Tony Visconti, also features Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Vernon Reid (Living Colour), Sarah Register (Talk Normal), and John LaMacchia (Candiria). Kristeen will be hosting a NYC album release show on September 23 (details below), in addition to a just-announced headlining appearance at New Orleans’ Blood Lust Ball.

NYC Album Release Show – 9/23 @ Berlin

Preorder Live at the Witch’s Tit
Out 9/29

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Get Lost in Kristeen Young’s "Catland" — Video Debuts via Bullett Media