Get Political with Harsh Crowd: Watch "Clowns" via Rookie Mag

Get Political with Harsh Crowd: Watch "Clowns" via Rookie Mag


Debut “Clowns” Video via Rookie Mag

“This band is teen-girl greatness set free, and we’re in love with their new video.”

– Rookie Mag

Indie Rock Veterans at Age 14

– The New York Times

Listen to Better EP Here


The Brooklyn based quartet is still kicking ass and taking names, as if they wouldn’t be.
Despite their sophistication, Harsh Crowd have maintained a refreshing teen perspective.”
The Guardian
Harsh Crowd is the coolest pop-punk group you haven’t heard of yet
BUST Magazine
“…the teen feminist punk band we’ve all been waiting for
Galore Magazine
It’s impossible to ignore the coming events on January 20…and NYC indie rockers Harsh Crowd aren’t afraid to voice their opinions. Today via Rookie Mag, the band debuts the visuals for “Clowns”, a political anthem that shows the young and hopeful are far from defeated. “Clowns” is the first single from the Better EP, released in the fall of last year.

Harsh Crowd is a punk-pop band composed of four 14 year olds who formed in 2013 after meeting at Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls in Brooklyn, New York. Harsh Crowd are already veterans of the indie rock scene (NY Times); they’ve collaborated and performed with the Brooklyn singer-songwriter Mirah, and opened for indie heartthrob Mac DeMarco, folk-blues New Orleans–based outfit Hurray for the Riff Raff!, shared a bill at Cooper Union with Sharon Van Etten, and performed on Center Court at Madison Square Garden to open the WNBA’s New York Liberty season in 2014.
Much has changed since the girls were middle schoolers singing about parents making them clean their rooms, and Harsh Crowd’s sophomore EP Better is the proof. They have more experience writing and arranging, and of course, more attitude. The band digs into bassline-driven funky-drummer breakdowns whilst having fun with Pachelbel, gets more comfortable with guitar solos and feedback, and also delivers plenty of feels. With lyrics ranging from not-able-to-vote-yet commentary on the two-party political system to fairy tale allegories, as well as longing and heartbreak perhaps beyond their years, singer Willow’s voice is badass yet delicate, powerful and clear. With their sophomore EP, Harsh Crowd had more creative input in the studio as co-producers of these latest songs, collaborating with their meticulous, steady-handed producer Steven Wright-Mark.
Harsh Crowd is definitely the sum of its unique parts. Guitarist/vocalist Dea loves exploring effects pedals to impact the guitar soundscape, even though she writes on acoustic guitar and plays drums every chance she gets. Her appreciation of Broadway also informs her musicality, as she has always been extremely active in Theater Arts at school, starring in shows from an early age. Bass/keyboard player Rihana studies upright bass and violin, enhancing her already solid classical keyboard training. Rihana moves effortlessly between styles and instruments, composing standout melodies on the high register of the keyboard and cranking out killer low-end bass guitar lines, often jumping back and forth on the same song. It’s no wonder she was tapped to participate in jazz at Lincoln Center’s Jazz Academy. Drummer Lena conjures up consistently well-chosen grooves and complex, yet tasteful, fills. At rehearsal, she’s known to bust out a Brazilian bossa nova, lay down some funk beats, or even move to keyboards to help come up with parts. Then there’s Willow, the band’s explosive and magnetic front person, who can always be relied upon to find a catchy vocal melody (or three), in addition to being the main lyricist. Willow has also appeared in concert dress for NYC’s Face the Music programs.
Harsh Crowd draws inspiration from The Who, Joan Jett, Le Tigre, Kendrick Lamar, Radiohead, Sia and countless other genre-spanning artists. Their enthusiasm allows the band to explore whatever happens to excite them, from K-Pop to classic rock to Brazilian beats to Prince. Don’t let their age fool you: all of the members’ musically-inclined minds seamlessly transform these disparate influences into the next hard-hitting Harsh Crowd song.
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Get Political with Harsh Crowd: Watch "Clowns" via Rookie Mag