GHPST – ‘If You Have Ghost’ EP

GHPST – ‘If You Have Ghost’ EP

2013 has been a great year for Ghost (also know as Ghost B.C. in the US) who released their sophomore album earlier this year and although I didn’t take to it as I would have liked, I still gave it a listen and liked a few select tracks – to me, it was more of a filler album. With this EP they once again provide how they can take a few iconic pop tunes and give them that Ghost twist, and ‘If You Have Ghost’ EP overall sounds more happier than all their material combined.

And with Dave Grohl producing this album, whilst also having a large part of how this EP sounds, he actually gives the EP a well-rounded and balanced sound. I always think the sound of an album or an EP is important because it affects how the listener perceives it.

When you listen to this EP I couldn’t help but smile, a weird  feeling of joy coming into me. It’s weird for a band that has had mass exposure throughout the world’s media to suddenly take a left turn, a meandering of their music into something that nobody expected. It’s easy to see that there is much more to this band their united front of covering their true identities and their often dark music, sounding something like a new-age King Diamond, but with the new EP. it shows that there is much wealth in their music still and with the prospect of a possible third album on the horizon (one has much hope) I can see this band becoming another staple of Sweden’s endless musical outpouring.

Stream the title track, ‘If You Have Ghost’

If you’re a fan of their previous two albums and are wondering whether or not to get this E.P. (physical or digital) then I would possibly hold fire a little. Yes, it’s a release by Ghost and for the people who want to get the complete collection then undoubtedly, one-hundred-percent yes but if you’re like me (and you probably are) and felt the least bit disappointed by their sophomore album (please raise your hands) then I think this serves as a welcome break from their recent material.

Overall, ‘If You Have Ghost’ isn’t going to bowl anyone over in the long-run, but it’s more of a stop-gap between the releases and also something that was label-driven. I believe, or hope, that they already have a third album in the works and only time will tell if my hopes are proven true or dashed away. However, I think that this is a nice collection of tunes that anyone could possibly get their teeth into. 7/10
Nick Green

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GHPST – ‘If You Have Ghost’ EP