GIGANTIC INDIE ALL DAYER VOL. 2 – The Acoustic Stage line up

GIGANTIC INDIE ALL DAYER VOL. 2 – The Acoustic Stage line up






With the Gigantic Indie All Dayer Vol 2 now only two months away, we take a closer look at the bands hand-picked to represent the finest in classic indie rock in what will be the one-day festival’s biggest line up to date on the 23rd May 2015.

Stage by stage we will be bringing you a profile on each act performing at the festival’s brand new Acoustic Stage @ Club Academy. A look back at their biggest achievements, their greatest hits and just why their performance will be nothing short of Gigantic at Manchester Academy this May Bank Holiday.

Hometown: North London
Years Active: 1986 – 1995, 2015 – ?
Greatest Hits: Convenience (1989),What a Performance (1987)
Big achievements: Princes of indie pop perfection, BOB knew their way around an irresistible guitar lick. Winning over John Peel after a chance encounter at Rough Trade records the quick-thinking quartet handed him a copy of their seminal debut EP: ‘Flexi Disc’, there and then. The legendary BBC DJ’s well-known love of the band was one that resonated with his devoted listeners too as the Convenience EP found itself deservingly voted into the classic Peel Festive Fifty of 1989.
Gigantic performance: When BOB split up in 1995, there was always a feeling of unfinished business. Now, twenty years on from their vanishing act from the music industry the indie popsters return for just one live comeback show exclusively for Gigantic Indie All Dayer 2015 – time to dust off those BOB tees fans!
BOB will take to the Club Academy Stage @ 5.35pm

South London
Years Active: 1983 – present
Greatest Hits: Well Well Well (1986 – UK Indie No.1), Love Affair (With Everyday Living) (UK No. 72, UK Indie No. 1)
Big achievements: Bursting out of South London in 1983 and on to the burgeoning indie scene with their refreshingly breezy acoustica, The Woodentop’s debut release “Plenty” had no trouble finding its way into the UK Indie top 40. From there, the band notched up a further six singles in the UK Indie chart top 10 before the decade was out. The quintet went on indefinite hiatus following the world tour of 1992 before a long overdue reunion in 2006 and even the release of a critically acclaimed album of brand new material, 2014’s Granular Tales.
Gigantic performance: Like Gigantic, The ‘Tops were never afraid of a big statements, appropriately titling their classic début album: ‘Giant’. As the album reaches its 30th anniversary next year, where better place to prove that bigger has always been better than at the All Dayer Volume 2?
The Woodentops will take to the Club Academy Stage @ 8.25pm

MARK MORRISS (Ex-Bluetones)
Years Active: 1994-2011 (The Bluetones), 2006 – Present (Solo)
Greatest Hits: Slight Return (1996 – UK No.2), Marblehead Johnson (1996 – UK No. 7)
Big achievements: Having notched up an impressive thirteen Top 40 singles and three top 10 albums over the last 20 years with The Bluetones’ explosive brand of euphoric Brit-Pop anthemia, Mark Morris’ sleeve isn’t shy of a big hit or two. Coming home with some of the most memorable choruses of the last 20 years in ‘Slight Return’, ‘Bluetonic’ and ‘Marblehead Johnson’, the band’s writing powerhouse continues to flex his ability for assured pop hooks in a budding solo career.
Gigantic performance: As a leather-clad pin up turned wistful troubadour, Mark Morriss’ refined song-craft and newfound troubadour temperament are the perfect compliment to Gigantic’s brand new acoustic only third stage for 2015. Expect timeless indie tunes played at their revealing  acoustic best.
Mark Morriss will take to the Club Academy Stage @ 6.55pm

Years Active: 1992-2004, 2009 – present
Greatest Hits: Great Things (1995 – UK No. 7), Dark Therapy (1996 – UK No. 20)
Big achievements: As Brit Pop A-listers that had Madonna, R.E.M., Morrissey and countless others falling over each-other to grab a piece of the action, Echobelly were a band who by their own admission were destined for “Great Things”. Two top 10 albums in ‘Everyone’s Got One’ (1994) and the band’s defining follow-up ‘On’ (1995), which in itself spawned three top thirty singles, Echobelly embodied the living-for-the-moment spirit of the era, whilst penning some of the most optimistic yet scathing lyrics that would come to immortalise it.
Gigantic performance?: Taking their name from the notion of “being hungry for something”, the reunion of iconic front-woman Sonya Madan with guitarist Glenn Johansson in 2009 for an acoustic show exclusively held in Manchester showed the band’s appetite for Rock’n’Roll was alive and well. Performing a mixture of new material recorded under their Calm of Zero moniker as well as unimpeachable indie classics from the back catalogue too, the duo will return to the North for a set Gigantic by name and nature.
Echobelly will take to the Club Academy Stage @ 10pm

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GIGANTIC INDIE ALL DAYER VOL. 2 – The Acoustic Stage line up