The Glitch Mob – new album: ‘Love Death Immortality’

The Glitch Mob – new album: ‘Love Death Immortality’

Supergroup trio of instrumentalists/producers announce new album.

“If our last album was introverted, then the new one is definitely extroverted,” Justin Boreta explains of one of 2014’s most anticipated electronic-music albums: The Glitch Mob’s ‘Love Death Immortality’, to be released February 10th on their own Glass Air Records. Boreta represents one-third of The Glitch Mob’s core members, alongside Ed Ma (aka edIT) and Joshua Mayer (aka Ooah).

Boreta’s statement is slightly ironic, considering the thousands upon thousands of fans who connected with the group’s 2010 debut full-length album ‘Drink The Sea’ – with record sales of 80,000 and counting, their last LP could hardly be associated with a word that indicates insularity. In ‘Love Death Immortality’, The Glitch Mob have created the ideal follow-up to ‘Drink The Sea’ .

The signature instrumental motif of ‘Love Death Immortality’ ultimately proves to be what Ma calls the “glory lead”: bold, screaming synth lines that generate infectious hooks straightaway. Despite its fresh approach, ‘Love Death Immortality’ remains pure Glitch Mob in its essence, made clear from the album’s first single, ‘Can’t Kill Us’ – which combines loping, 75 bpm breakbeat crunch and a speaker-shredding bass throb with rock swagger.

Hear the new single and watch the accompanying video below:

In an era of disposable dance-music singles, ‘Love Death Immortality’, like ‘Drink The Sea’, was refreshingly created with the intent to flow as an album – one designed to be listened to from start to finish, taking the listener on an aural voyage in the process.

‘Love Death Immortality
‘ is released 10 February 2013 on Glass Air Records.
Pre-order on iTunes.

Official website:

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The Glitch Mob – new album: ‘Love Death Immortality’