Grammy-Winner Lady Rizo’s Indigo Out Today + Tour Dates

Grammy-Winner Lady Rizo’s Indigo Out Today + Tour Dates

Lady Rizo

Releases Second Studio Album

Indigo via Culture Collide

Out on DSPs August 18th, 2017

Photo by Shervin Lainez

“The album spans 10 tracks that toe the line of performance art and rock ‘n’ roll all backed by a soulful voice.”
-Culture Collide

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“If I think about Lady Rizo’s vocal cords (and I do), I imagine them like that liquid metal stuff that makes T-1000 from Terminator II: malleable and moonlight-silver, producing something dangerous and captivating.”
-City Arts

“…she sounds a bit like Judy Garland on vocal steroids.”
-The Stranger

“Blessed with a dump truck full of charisma, gargantuan eyelashes, and lungs that can blow out the back of any theater, Her Ladyship sings standards in a way that never fails to hilariously entertain.”
-Portland Mercury

“We can’t wait to get lost in it.”
– Blackbook Magazine

“…fierce but kindhearted fusion of comedy, burlesque, performance art and rock ’n’ roll.”
-New York Times

“Winkingly sexy chanteuse… Lusciously retro vocals.”
-Time Out New York


With the support of her fans and critics, the wildly creative, Grammy award winning Lady Rizo released her second studio album, Indigo, with Culture Collide. Deeply personal, Indigo captures the playful aspect of live performances, coupled with tales of lavish lifestyles and notes of heartbreak. Only a chanteuse of Lady Rizo’s stature could so accurately represent the rowdy world she lives in. Indigo boasts ten tracks of eclectic music, all in one decadent package.


The superstar performer who has accumulated many accolades: naming Moby, Reggie Watts, and Yo-Yo Ma, as collaborators, the latter on his Songs of Joy & Peace album, which won a Grammy Award. She’s received a New York Foundation for the Arts fellowship, a Time Out London theater award, and a 2013 London Cabaret Award. A composer who co-composed with Adam Rapp on his musical Los Angeles, Rizo has also penned theme songs for the Fuse network and E! Entertainment. All of which is to say: Our Lady of Perpetual Creativity is, by design, many things to many people.


“I love taking these beautiful, luxurious images or sounds and pressing them up to the very raw pain of existence. Making people feel alive—grand and giant one moment, yet intimate and vulnerable the next,” says Rizo. “That’s why I introduce myself as chanteuse, which Piaf described as someone who takes one song and makes a whole opera out of it. Many of my songs carry a kernel of mystery, and I hope my music makes listeners vibrate with that excitement.”


Photo by Shervin Lainez

Indigo features songs like “Under” an unlikely banger built around a boogaloo beat, one of its most eccentric offerings. The song came about after The Civilians theater company had asked Lady Rizo to write a song about a real-life couple who had sex in a coffin while being buried. The song attempts to answer the inevitable questions that arise: “What is the desire for that?” she asks. “Why do we want to feel sex and death together?”


“Sometimes the Sky’s Too Bright” also came from a challenge. In this case, she was invited to collaborate on a Soho Theatre show in London about Dylan Thomas. She transforms his poem “Sometimes the Sky’s Too Bright” into a haunting, beat-driven tune. “I think it’s about the unbearable beauty of the world,” Lady Rizo explains. “Like when you’re in a very dark place, but it’s a gorgeous day outside. And you wish clouds would roll in to match your mood.” The tracks “Albatross” and “Lilac Wine” come across as more contemporary than classic: and that’s the versatility that makes Lady Rizo a world class performer.


Catch this Queen on tour!

08/17/17- Portland, Oregon @ Star Theatre
08/18/17- Seattle, Washington @ The Triple Door
08/25/17- New York, NY @ Joe’s Pub
08/26/17- New York, NY @ Joe’s Pub
08/27/17- New York, NY @ Joe’s Pub
09/10/17- Newport, OR @ Newport Performing Arts Center
09/13/17- Provincetown, MA @ Afterglow
10/08/17- Memphis, TN @ Levitt Shell

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Grammy-Winner Lady Rizo’s Indigo Out Today + Tour Dates