VIDEODRONE: Grimes, Blood Red Shoes, Valentiine video reviews

VIDEODRONE: Grimes, Blood Red Shoes, Valentiine video reviews

Music is bloody great isn’t it, sometimes it can metaphorically slap you around the face or often quite literally whisper sweet tenderness into pummelled, tinnitus ringing ears.
Frequently music can be a joy to your eyes too as innovative visuals dreamt up by talented creative artistes, fly out of your MacBook stabbing your retinas and making you think Eh?!

Video promo clips have of course been a staple of the music industry since the 80’s but this week alone I have witnessed some of the most WTF visuals in a long time.




Grimes aka Claire Boucher is arguably one of the most innovative artists on the 4AD label for some time, her album ‘Visions’ is an indie/electro triumph.
‘Genesis’ starts off with Grimes prancing about in the desert at night to some music that isn’t ‘Genesis’ but then the song starts and Claire appears to be warming up for a sword fight with a Lady GaGa lookalike. Next we have Grimes dressed as a French clown with a massive yellow snake draped around her, as ‘Genesis’ erupts with it’s hypnotic dance beat around the 2.18 mark we also glimpse the Tin Man from Wizard Of Oz!.
It turns out that the Tin Man is just the GaGa lady dressed in strips of Bacofoil and strutting her stuff. Grimes then takes a limo to have a big dance off complete with swords that are on fire, proper genius and actually brilliant just like the song.




Blood Red Shoes are releasing the title track of their third album, which is a good move as ‘In Time To Voices’ is an exceptional song, haunting and beautiful before kicking off big time.
Laura Mary walks slowly as the video starts, her stylish stilettos clattering on the cobbles as she enters somewhere very dodgy looking to be greeted by a winking Steven Ansell.
Two strumpets appear to be smearing cooking oil over a huge hulk of a man with pecs that could probably crack coconuts, as Steven clears a table and Laura Mary sits down it’s a bit like the Revels advert where nobody likes the coffee flavour.
Except nobody is eating chocolates they are here to ARM WRESTLE, who knew that playing a Fender would give such upper body strength?
Laura Mary is barely breaking into a sweat here against this bronzed blond brute but a quick head-but helps, as does stabbing him through the foot with those Louboutins. All that is left after that shocking scene of violent carnage is for our heroine to collect the cash from Steven whose raised eyebrow appears to suggest ‘Not bad… for a girl’ but I doubt Mr Ansell would ever think such a sexist comment I certainly wouldn’t want to upset Miss Carter




Australia’s all girl grunge band Valentiine unveil a more melodic, harmonious side to their twisted pop hooks with ‘Chucky’.
As the video starts our trio fix their hair whilst singing about throwing up before we get footage of a primary school ‘show & tell’, this is intercut with scenes of Valentiine laying on the floor of a public bathroom and the drummer is wearing a lovely t shirt with SLAG written on it- I’m not sure if these are available in Primark at the moment but give it a few weeks.
A young girls ‘show & tell’ appears to be her mums tits which gets a thumbs up from the class, it’s no wonder Valentiine retreat into a cubicle to play with the loo roll. Next a young boy brings out a grungey looking male with blue hair who proceeds to vomit on everyone, this unsurprisingly gets the thumbs down treatment as soon everybody is spewing up like in that scene from ‘Stand By Me’ with all this commotion the Valentiine ladies decide to check out their hair again, seriously girls you look fine.

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VIDEODRONE: Grimes, Blood Red Shoes, Valentiine video reviews