Gurr – ‘In My Head’ (Out 28th October via Duchess Box Records)

Gurr – ‘In My Head’ (Out 28th October via Duchess Box Records)

‘In My Head’ takes the listener on a journey of Andreya Casablanca and Laura Lee’s friendship, their life, and a step further into the world of Gurr. Whit solid alternative delivery matched with snappy lyrics, apparently just  what happens when  two best friends start a band, songs get filled with inside jokes. We all have good friends, but normally forming a band is not on the to-do list often enough, never mind the accomplished sound Gurr serve up.

‘Recorded in Berlin’s Funkhaus, the old East German Radio House which is now a haven for artists and creatives, Andreya Casablanca and Laura Lee Jenkins leave the Riot Grrrl comparisons behind them and progress their sound initiated by a deep Organ sound and spring reverb… welcome to First Wave Gurrlcore’/

Having met in an American Studies class in Berlin, and after spending time in the US together, the US West coast sound was an obvious influence on their music, but Andreya and Laura draw from a wide set of pop culture. There is more the a dash and swagger about the  riot girrrl duo’s warm and affecting  ‘Breathless’ , followed with more lyrical gusto by ‘1985 In My Head’ both spark well, getting those synapses’ firing.

The lyrics reference personal experiences throughout their debut. Instead of telling stories of how it was, the two friends want to create a world of characters, stories and feelings everyone can relate to − and everyone can tell in their head for themselves. “First Wave Gurrlcore they call their own genre, always with a slight and acknowledging nod to riot girl culture and yet stressing that they want to invent their own style − they pair straightforward garage rock tunes with more psychedelic and wave elements on their debut album. “We didn’t start making music because of Kathleen Hanna,” explains singer Andreya Casablanca. “Musically we were more influenced by bands like Gun Club, Echo & the Bunnymen, the B52s or classics like the Ramones and Beatles.”

Still feels alternative as the slightly more sedative ‘Moby Dick’ almost spills too much lyrically and still charms, ‘Walnuts’ or ‘Walnuss’ makes for yet another keeper, but topped by ‘Yosemite’ which is ace, no further endorsement needed really. But for those still unswayed; ‘the two-paced ‘Free’ |Krueger inspired perhaps or ‘On My Head’ follows the ramped throwaway crowd fave formula, but the narrative and skills are the duo’s own. Like the more punkier ‘Diamonds’ and closer ‘Song For ‘Mildred’.

Before you think this writer is a Gurr disciple or something –  I wish! Just like the bands style which judging the 11 tracks of ‘In My Mind’ are expanding, with more detail, bridges, colours achieving varying thought avenues from the majority of songs. An above the average band and album. I’ve enjoyed repeated listens to ‘In My Head; all weekend. I’m converted, just hope they do badges, need to suss the like-minded. 8.4/10

Steve Janes


Watch ‘Walnuts’ video

Watch  Gurr – ‘Moby Dick’ (Official Music Video)

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Gurr – ‘In My Head’ (Out 28th October via Duchess Box Records)