Gus Harvey – "Witches" (electronic/soul/bass)

Gus Harvey – "Witches" (electronic/soul/bass)

Hear the debut single ‘Witches’ by new alternative pop artist Gus Harvey

debuts ‘Witches’ via new London Trip-Soul imprint Twisted Hearts Records on 24th March

“Darkly seductive” – Clash Magazine

‘Witches’ is release 01 from new London Trip-Soul imprint Twisted Hearts Records.

Originally from an East Anglian backwater within the Breckland woods, Gus Harvey was invited by producer Subculture Sounds to live in an abandoned pub in Hackney,

London where initial sessions began on what would become Gus’ debut single.

It’s a story about female solidarity, a true tale of an affair Gus had with an ex-boyfriend during which she discovered that he was simultaneously dating another woman. Rather than call him out, she decided to track down the other woman instead and the two plotted their heathen kind of retribution. The song was finished in a number of sessions with Subculture Sounds in a 200 year old church near Gus’ family home in the Norfolk countryside.

Witches is out on the 24th March 2017 and will feature on Gus Harvey’s forthcoming album (tbc).

Gus Harvey plays The Social on 31st May.


Artist: Gus Harvey

Record Label: Twisted Hearts Records

Writers: Gus Harvey, Subculture Sounds

Producer: Subculture Sounds

Artwork: Anya Broido, Mr Phomer

Mixed & Mastered by Yoram Vazan

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Gus Harvey – "Witches" (electronic/soul/bass)